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As the phone rang, my heart pounded in my chest.

“Hello, Local OB-GYN, how can I direct your call?”

I burst into tears. Sobs followed after.

“Hello? Ma’am? Are you okay?”

Somehow I regained composure and explained that I needed to make an appointment to confirm a pregnancy.

My pregnancy.

After seven years, I never thought I would make that phone call. My to-do list included the names and numbers of Infertility Specialists I needed to call after we got settled into our new town.

At that first appointment, I cried when the nurse confirmed that I was in fact pregnant. Then she asked if that was a good thing. I said it was a very good thing. I was ecstatic and nervous. So many “what-ifs” flooded my thoughts. As I walked out the door of the OB-GYN, they handed me a huge bag of information. Magazines, brochures, a notebook full of do’s and don’ts.

Overwhelmed would be an understatement.

So what did I do?

As a new mom, I started looking for places to create a baby registry. That seemed like the most logical place to start.

All of our friends and family lived far away, so online registries made the most sense. After looking at all the different stores and options, we created one on

Honestly, I thought was only for diapers. I was SO WRONG! They don’t just sell diapers.


Buying for Baby and Beyond

When I was creating our very first baby registry, I made sure to add the basics:

  • Chicco Infant Carseat
  • Pampers Newborn Diapers
  • Pampers Sensitive Wipes
  • Boba baby wrap
  • Triple Paste
  • Boon Highchair
  • Medela Breast Pump
  • Medela glass bottles
  • Avent Soothie Pacifiers
  • Vulli Sophie the Giraffe
  • Crane Humidifier
  • Baby proofing gear.

Now that my first baby is now seven and my youngest is two, is still my first choice when shopping for our kids.

They don’t fit into the baby clothes anymore and have out-grown the highchairs and infant gear, but there is still plenty that is relevant to our family.


What to Buy For Your Family is not just for diapers.

1. Blankets for All Ages

Each of our children has an aden + anais dream blanket to sleep with and for travel in the car. Dream blankets are the perfect size to cover up a baby as well as an average sized seven-year-old. They are great for long trips and to keep in the car for cold weather. We don’t go anywhere without our a+a dream blankets.


2. Potty Training Supplies

Potty training has been hit or miss with our youngest. I realized that she hated being wiped with a passion. She would scream and scream but we had to get the poop off her bottom. When I saw the Fridet, I laughed and immediately added it to my cart. It’s like a portable bidet! It makes booty duty so much easier on both of us.


3. Road Trip Storage

The Prince Lionheart Backseat Organizer is perfect to store sippy cups, extra diapers and wipes, toys, and fun travel activities. It was super easy to install on our seat and helps keep the extra stuff off the floor of the car. I can’t wait to utilize it on our next road trip.


4. Thirst Quencher

The Camelbak backpack has been on our to-buy list since we moved to Colorado. Hiking and being outside is a way of life here. So is carrying around your water bottle. Seriously. I rarely go anywhere without my water bottle now because an hour or two into errands and I’m dying of thirst. I’m not sure if it’s the altitude or the lack of humidity, but this is a thing. Coming to visit Colorado? Pack your water bottle. Taking children hiking is a challenge in and of itself. Taking children hiking when they need to carry their own water bottles is the stuff nightmares are made of. The Camelbak is a lifesaver. I may or may not borrow it for my long runs.

5. Bath Time Fun!

To add in a little fun, I added the Bateau Ballon because I thought it would be fun. The kids LOVED it! It’s a balloon powered boat. The day was cold, so we stayed inside until it was time to pick up the oldest from school. The excited shrills and screams were so fun. They loved this little balloon powered boat from Vilac.

boat-in-the-water-diapers-comAs you can see, there are so many great brands and products for moms, babies, and beyond at They carry products for baby when you need them now with their 1-2 day shipping. The best part, all orders above $49 qualify for free shipping.

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