7 Ways to Destress During the Workday and Be More Productive

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If at the end of the day you feel more stressed out than when you started, try these 7 ways to destress during the workday. If you commit to just a couple of these things, you’ll feel less stressed out and be more productive.

7 Ways to Destress During the Workday and Be More Productive 2

As a business owner and freelancer who works from home, I tend to find myself in a unique position. Some people are jealous I get to work in my pajamas. Others wish they had my commute. Moms I meet in the school pick up line think I sit around and watch television or nap while all my kids are in school.

While I think I have all kinds of time to get work done while the kids are at school until I’m in the middle of writing a proposal, finally hitting my groove, and my alarm goes off signaling that it’s time to wrap things up because I have to go get the kids from school.

Over time, I’ve learned that when I’m most productive is not when I sit at the computer and stay there until it’s time to get my kids. That’s why I came up with these 7 things to help destress during the workday. 

7 Ways to Destress During the Workday

Whether you work from home, are a stay at home mom, or work in a shared space. These 7 ways to destress during the workday will help increase your productivity.


7 Ways to Destress During the Workday and Be More Productive 3

1. Eat the Frog.

After you’ve made your list of things to do for the day, rank them in order of the hardest to easiest. Do the hardest thing that you keep putting off first. Once you knock that one off your list, you’ll feel free and ready to get work done.

2. Straighten Up Your Desk Area.

While I can work in clutter and craziness, that’s not when my best work happens. When everything is in its place and there is nothing to distract my eyes, that’s when the work magic happens. If it’s not work-related, it’s not on my desk.

3. Make a List of Stresses and Worries.

Similar to a brain dump, this list is to help get the weight of the stress and worry off your shoulders. Most things that cause us stress and worry are out of our control. But our body can’t sort out what are things we can change and what is out of our control. Make the list and put it to the side so you can look at it after work hours.

7 Ways to Destress During the Workday and Be More Productive 4

4. Step Away from the Screen.

It seems counterproductive to get up and not work the whole time, especially when deadlines are looming, but your body and eyes need the break from the blue light of the computer screen. Get up and walk around for a bit. 

5. Breathe.

Try one of these breathing exercises during your workday to release stress and tension.

6. Turn Up The Volume.

Create a mood-boosting playlist on iTunes or Spotify when you start to feel that mid-day slump coming on. Dance out the stress and tension of the day. When you sit down again, you’ll find that your productivity and creativity were kicked up a notch or two.

destress during the workday by listening to music

7. Consider Time Blocking.

Time blocking will help increase productivity and you will start to crave the consistency. It will help you focus and do deep work instead of starting one project and then finding yourself distracted with another. 

What are your favorite ways to destress during the workday? Do you have a favorite music playlist? Affirmations you repeat to yourself? Let me know in the comments below!

destress during the workday

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