Organize Ribbon With This Simple Craft Storage Hack

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While it’s easy to toss ribbon spools in a box, it’s hard to use when your ribbon is hidden away. Here is a simple craft storage hack to organize ribbon! You don't want to miss this craft room organization hack!

If you love crafting as much as I do, your ribbon bin is probably overflowing. But how do you organize ribbon? While it’s easy to toss ribbon spools in a box and hope for the best, it’s hard to find and use the ribbon you need when all your ribbon is hidden away. I have discovered a simple ribbon storage hack that will make finding and using your ribbon so much easier!

Organize Ribbon With This Simple Craft Storage Hack 1

Organize Ribbon With This Simple Ribbon Storage Hack

There are a variety of simple ways to keep your ribbon organized, but this simple ribbon storage hack is one of the best I’ve found. You don’t need a fancy ribbon storage shelf or even a dowel rod to keep your ribbon organized and ready to use. All you need to store your ribbon is a basket!

Finding the perfect basket is the key to this ribbon storage hack.

Mine is 9.5 inches X 7.5 inches, making it perfect for storing two rows of ribbon. The other essential element of a great ribbon storage basket is the grid pattern on the sides of this basket. You can grab this one on Amazon or use a cardboard box with holes punched in the side to store your ribbon.

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Sort Your Ribbon

Start by sorting your ribbon. This hack works best for ribbon spools. You will want to store your ribbon scraps separately. 

Here are a few ways to sort your ribbon before storing it:

By holiday: separate your ribbon into different holiday designs – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthday, etc.

By season: separate your ribbon according to seasonal designs and colors.

By color: place each color variation into a different basket to easily sort your ribbon by color.

By design: sort your ribbon by design by placing all solid-colored ribbons in one basket, all holiday patterns in another, and all similar patterns in a different basket.

By use: store all your craft ribbon in one basket, decorative ribbon in another, and gift wrapping ribbon in a separate basket.

how to organize ribbon in a basket

Creating Your Ribbon Basket | Craft Room Organization Hack

Start by rolling up all the ribbon until it is completely wrapped around the spool.

Line all the spools up in a row so that each spool is upright with the end of the ribbon on top of the spool. Then, place the row of spools in the basket.

Carefully grab the end of each ribbon and pull it through a hole in the side of the basket.

Repeat the process on the opposite side of the basket until the basket is filled and each of the ribbons has been pulled through the side of the basket.

Organize Ribbon With This Simple Craft Storage Hack 2

How to Use the Ribbon After It is Stored

The beauty of this simple storage solution to organize ribbons is that you can easily use the ribbon in the basket without removing it. Simply pull the strand of ribbon through the hole until it’s the length you need for your project, then cut the ribbon and use it. The spool will stay in place as you pull, so your ribbon will stay nice and organized.

And after you have used up the ribbon on the spool, simply remove the spool from the basket and replace it with a new spool of ribbon. You’ll never need to reorganize your ribbon again!

Organize Ribbon With This Simple Craft Storage Hack 3

Questions About How to Organize Ribbon

While this easy storage solution is so simple, you may have a few questions.

Here are the answers to some common questions about how to organize your ribbon.

Can I use a different basket to organize ribbon?

Sure! The reason I love this simple storage hack so much is that it’s easily adaptable. I suggest using smaller baskets similar to the size I chose to help keep the ribbon upright inside the basket. But as long as the basket has holes along the side, it will be perfect for this ribbon storage hack.

Can I store other craft supplies like this?

As long as the supply is on a spool, this storage method will work. That means you can easily store your ric-rac, lace, twine, ruffles, and thread in this way. Just make sure whatever you’re storing in the basket fits through the holes in the side of the basket to make this simple storage hack work in your craft room.

What if my ribbon isn’t on a spool?

If you have ribbon scraps that need to be organized, this method may work. If the ribbon is long enough to be wrapped around an object, you could store it in a basket this way. Try wrapping your ribbon scraps around a clothespin and then threading the end of the ribbon through the hole. But if your scraps are too small to wrap, this storage method probably won’t work. Instead, try storing your ribbon scraps in a small box with a lid or a jar for easy access to organize the ribbon.

Organize Ribbon With This Simple Craft Storage Hack 4

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