Seasonal Allergy Relief with Essential Oils With 4 Oils

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How to get allergy relief with essential oils.

I have always struggled seasonally with itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. For me though, it was all year long. Eventually, it would turn into horrible head pain which would lead to ear pain. Over and over again. The cycle never ended.

If only I knew then what I know now!! We could have has allergy relief with essential oils a long time ago!

One of the main reasons I started looking into essential oils was because I was tired of my kids always being sick. I knew we needed to get to the root of the issues, and it wasn't going to stop on the road we were on. I started researching how to get seasonal allergy relief with essential oils.

Seasonal Allergy Relief with Essential Oils

Seasonal Allergy Relief with Essential Oils

Essential Oils

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon 
  • RC

I remember when I first got my Premium Starter Kit and was still skeptical. I had bought essential oils in the past and they didn't do anything. So when my youngest son came in from outside and had a super runny nose, I went and grabbed my Lavender essential oil.

I remembered reading somewhere that Lavender and Peppermint were the go-to oils for relief. I diluted a drop of lavender in coconut oil and smeared it on his forehead and under his nose. He went back outside and honestly, I expected him back in five minutes to have his nose wiped.

But he didn't need his nose wiped the next time he came inside. I was amazed. I kind of thought it was a fluke, so I tried it on my other two. Yet again, no runny noses after applying lavender. A couple of times I tried using peppermint, but it was too strong, even diluted. Now I've added lemon essential oil to the mix too. It's excellent for behind the ears. Those are four essential oils that we are never without!


There are several ways you can use Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, and RC to give you seasonal allergy relief with essential oils.

  • We diffuse Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon a lot in our house.
  • Dip a cotton swab in 1-2 drops of lavender and swipe the inside of the nostrils. Alternately, use a drop or two and swipe it in the mouth, on the inside of the cheeks.
  • Rub a couple of drops of lavender between the palms of your hands, hold them over your nose and mouth, and inhale deeply.
  • Rub the lavender and peppermint on the brow bones, over the sinuses, on the feet, chest, and/or throat.
  • Apply lemon behind your ears, behind your jaw, and down your throat.
  • Add RC to coconut oil and rub on your chest or feet.
  • I have also gotten a spoonful of raw local honey and added two drops of lavender essential oil. It's not bad. Sometimes I put it in tea also.

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  1. I have a couple of clients that swear by essential oils, but I’ve never taken the plunge. I’m going to have to check out your recommendations as my allergies are off the chart bad since moving here. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I haven’t had luck with essential oils from health food stores, which is why I never thought they worked. But I love Young Living oils. We’ve replaced a lot of the OTC medicines we used to buy. They’ve actually saved us money since we aren’t buying a lot of medicines, going to the doctor and paying co-pays, or getting prescriptions. It’s at least worth trying :).

  2. I really wish I could try these out and figure out if I like them/they work for my family before I buy, I think that is the biggest thing holding me back. On that note though I have heard so many people who swear by it and would love to do less medicine and more herbal remedies.

    1. I know they sound crazy :). You’re more than welcome to stop by sometime and smell them!

    1. You just lift the lid, fill well with tap or mineral water, add 5-8 drops of the desired essential oil, put lid back on unit, and turn on diffuser. I use it throughout the day. This one is great because it has a timer. It comes in the Premium Kit which is $160 (plus tax and shipping), which is a great value being that the diffuser by itself is $117.11. So you get the diffuser, the everyday oils kit (10 oils), a bottle of Stress Away, and several samples all for only $160. You’re more than welcome to come by sometime and smell them :).

  3. I love using peppermint and lemon oils around the house! Eucalyptus too!. I swear it just makes me feel better!

  4. I am so glad that I found this helpful post. I love lavender and orange oil, highly recommend! Lavender is the most resourceful amongst essential oils.

  5. I like to diffuse On Gaurd Blend essential oil along with any of my favorite smelling essential oils such as orange or grapefruit in my kitchen to help clean the air, uplift my mood and help prevent viruses.

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