Essential oils are a hot topic right now. There is a lot of conflicting information out there. Getting started can be so confusing. Let me show you how easy it is to get started and learn more about essential oils. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to buy essential oils online.

How to Safely Buy Essential Oils Online

The first thing you need to decide is where to buy your oils. Young Living is a trusted resource and a pioneer in bringing the use of essential oils to the United States. Young Living makes it super easy to get started.

Their Premium Starter Kit offers you their most-loved oils. In other words: No guessing. No random recommendations. They also offer a strong support community to answer questions. While you can purchase oils individually, you definitely get more for your money when you sign up as a wholesale member and purchase the Premium Starter Kit.

This kit for getting started contains The Everyday Collection (all the most popular oils), books on how to use the oils, as well as a diffuser.

Does signing up as a wholesale user make me a “distributor”? Yes and no. You are not required to sell anything at all to anyone. This is a lot like a membership at Sam’s Club or Costco. When you become a wholesale member you get a discount on future orders, as well as a special link to share with friends to get credit for their purchases.

What is included in the Premium Starter Kit?

How to Buy Essential Oils Online
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The Premium Starter Kit is my favorite because it is literally everything you need to get started:

  • Dewdrop Diffuser
  • Premium Essential Oils Collection (5-ml each) Lavender, Copaiba Vitality™, Peppermint Vitality™, Lemon Vitality™, Frankincense, Thieves® Vitality™, Purification®, RC™, DiGize™ Vitality™, PanAway®
  • Stress Away™ 5-ml
  • AromaGlide™ Roller Fitment
  • 10 Sample Packets
  • 10 Love it? Share it! Sample Business Cards
  • 10 Love it? Share it! Sample Oil Bottles
  • 2 NingXia Red® 2-oz. samples
  • Product Guide and Product Price List
  • member magazine and other resources
  • Wholesale membership – i.e. discounts on shipping and lots of samples!
  • Access to helpful Facebook Communities for new tips every day on how to use your essential oils and how to build your business if that's the direction you want to go.
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How to Buy Essential Oils Online

1. Head over to the Young Living page here and fill out your information.

** I highly suggest using a desktop or laptop.**

2. Be sure the “Wholesale Member” option is checked so that you don’t end up paying retail prices.

3. Be sure the “sponsor ID” and “enroller id” say 1392469.

YL Membership Details

4. If you do not feel comfortable putting in your social security number (this is only for tax purposes if you decide to turn this into a business) then you can get an EIN from the IRS in just a few seconds here and use that number instead (the IRS just needs to be able to connect some number with you for tax purposes). You have to enter your Social Security Number or an EIN because if you make $600 or more per year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail (which is required by law). Young Living will never share this info with anyone.

5. Select which starter kit you want to get. I would recommend getting the Premium Starter Kit. It's my favorite. Those are the oils that I use almost every single day. You can also choose which diffuser you want in your kit. The Dew Drop Diffuser is great. I also LOVE the Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser and get compliments on it all the time.

Select Your Diffuser

6. During the sign up process, please note that Step 2 is optional. If you are going to be purchasing products monthly then it’s a great program that will give you credit back with each order and save you on shipping costs. You can always sign up for this voluntary program later. I recommend it, but it's not mandatory. The Thieves Essential Rewards bundle is my favorite. The Essential Rewards program benefits include:

  • Cancel or Change Your Order Anytime 
  • Discounted Shipping 
  • Earn FREE Products 
  • Essential Rewards Promotions 
  • Discounted Product Kits 
  • Scheduled Delivery: Save Time and Hassle
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7. Go through the checkout process.

8. Welcome to Young Living! You have made the first step in making your home a better place. Once you have completed your order, please send an email to with your Young Living member number so we can get you added to our Facebook Community Groups and answer any questions that you may have.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does signing up obligate me to sell Young Living?

No! You are not required to sell anything to anyone. When you become a wholesale member, you get a special link that you can share with friends and get credit from their purchases, but there are no minimum sales amounts at all. In fact, 90% of the wholesale members in Young Living don’t do the business side at all. They are buying from Young Living because of the quality alone.

Am I required to make a minimum purchase each month?

There are absolutely NO minimum monthly purchase requirements. To remain a wholesale member, you have to make $50 worth of purchases per year to keep your membership. But if there’s a year that you don’t make a $50 purchase, you can reinstate your wholesale membership discount by just placing a $50 order.

If you do find yourself making regular purchases each month, then Young Living has their Essential Rewards program where you can make a nice percentage back in product credit each month on all of your purchases. So that’s a great program to join if you find that you *want* to purchase regularly (but it’s not a requirement for being a wholesale member).

Why should I buy from Young Living instead of other essential oils companies?

I can’t speak to the quality of other companies, but I can say that Young Living was the only company in my research of essential oil companies that could answer all of my questions about purity in a way that was satisfactory to me.

Young Living was the only company that has their own farms (in the regions where the plants should be grown), could absolutely guarantee that no pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of any of their oils (they use essential oils for pest control and they do all of the weeding by hand), has their own testing equipment (they do both in-house and 3rd party testing, and use many different testing methods not just GC/MS which only tests for certain chemicals, not whether those chemicals are synthetic or not), and only uses the first distillation of oils instead of adding chemicals to get more out of the plant.

Young Living also was the only company that was directly in charge of essential oil farming operations. Every other company I researched goes through some kind of an “oil broker” to buy their oils. They have to trust that the oil broker is telling the truth, who has to trust that the essential oil distilleries are telling the truth, who have to trust that the farmers are telling the truth about what they say they are doing.

With Young Living, you just have to trust one company instead of several. I felt the most comfortable trusting Young Living since they are a full-disclosure company. ANYONE can visit the farms, participate in the harvesting and distillation, view the Young Living labs, and see the entire process. That’s not an option with any other company.

Seed to Seal

How will I know which oils to use for what?

One of the benefits of getting a starter kit through this promotion is that you also get to join our private Facebook group that’s specifically for questions about essential oils!

Does Young Living only sell essential oils?

No. Young Living actually has an entire line of personal care products, supplements, meal replacements, energy drinks, and so much more! Almost every product incorporates essential oils (for example, frankincense is absolutely wonderful in facial products), but there’s a wide variety of products available for every member in your family.

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