Beautiful DIY Scrapbook Ornament: Baby’s 1st Ornament Keepsake

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Tutorial for a scrapbook ornament adaptable for any special event you want to remember for years to come.

I wish I could say I am a scrapbooker. I've tried, but I can't keep up. While I do try and make picture books for the kids, I do tend to collect “stuff” that I would add to their scrapbook should I choose to take that up one-day {um, yeah, right.}.

I was going through drawers the other day and found the baby hats we got at the hospital. Then I came across some of our hospital bracelets and the first food wrapper from the baby food jar. Even though I make most of their food, I do occasionally buy jars to have jars for crafts later, and for the wrapper {LOL}.

Since I couldn't keep up with baby books or scrapbooks, I wasn't sure what to do with this cute little baby stuff. I couldn't throw it away. At one time I had planned on making shadow boxes with the baby hat, bracelets, and other cutesy newborn items. But that never happened either. You know, while I wouldn't trade it for the world, having littles really puts a damper on my crafting/creating time ;).

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Scrapbook Ornament

During a “quick” trip to a craft store, I was walking up and down the aisles dreaming of all the things I could create if I had an unlimited budget and a crafting vacation. The possibilities were glorious!

Then I saw them.

Large PLASTIC ornament globes that come apart.

What could I fill them with?!?

Shredded paper, little origami stars, fake snow, smelly good stuff…



Beautiful DIY Scrapbook Ornament: Baby's 1st Ornament Keepsake 1

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DIY Scrapbook Ornament: Baby's 1st Ornament

Here's what you need:

Keepsake Ornament collage
  • Large plastic fillable globe
  • Whatever you want to put in it. I know that sounds vague, but it's true. Think of it as a scrapbook ornament. While I focused on newborn and infant items, you could do a concert or a vacation. All things DISNEY!! The possibilities are endless.
  • String or ribbon. This is how you will hang it from your tree.
  • Glue if you want to seal the ornament so it doesn't come apart {or so your kids don't pull it apart}. I do highly recommend this. From personal experience. Ha!


Fill it up with as much or as little as you want.

Seal it with glue, if you want.

Thread your ribbon through the hole at the top. Tie a bow or make a knot.

Baby First Ornament Scrapbook

That's it! This craft is SO easy and it makes a meaningful keepsake.

What would you fill your ornament with?

Beautiful DIY Scrapbook Ornament: Baby's 1st Ornament Keepsake 2

Beautiful DIY Scrapbook Ornament: Baby's 1st Ornament Keepsake 3

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  1. Whitney, I LOVE this idea! It beats having this special stuff sitting in a box! It will be treasured year after year by the entire family this way! Thanks!

    1. I was so excited when I came across those ornaments! You could even write their name and birth stats with a paint pen on the outside. The possibilities are endless! I’m glad you like it!

      1. I love the idea of adding the birth stats too! I was going to do his name in vinyl, but may do the paint pen instead so I can add the stats!

  2. This is an awesome idea! I’m thinking that they would make great gifts too! Perfect for me, as I collect things too and then think – what do I do with this?!

  3. Cute idea! I just pinned it! This is my daughter’s first Christmas and growing up we always had an ornament each year. This is a great first ornament.

  4. WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS???? What an awesome way to save those bracelets, hair locks, etc. I do wish I had seen this 15 years ago!

  5. For safety’s sake, make sure your child’s (and yours) MRN (medical record number) and/or SSN are at least partially if not fully obscured with permanent marker on the bracelets. I know it’s your house, yadda yadda yadda but if someone accidentally posted a hi res photo with the data visible, or anything like that, you could be at risk (for example, I see Whitney was born at BYU in this photo. Not earth shattering but the privacy implications are obvious if you forget something like an SSN on there).

    Just want to look out for everyone’s safety. Love the idea though, looks awesome. 🙂

    1. I completely agree, Paul! Thank you so much for your concern. We can never be too careful these days!!

  6. I have a friend who drives me weekly to our prayer shawl meetings and I bought a globe and put a knitted swatch in it for Christmas I didnt glue it I just used invinisible scotch tape in a couple of places I saw the idea on crochet addict.

  7. I am soooo excited! I have 2 precious babies who are in heaven. My daughter would be 35 and my son would be 33, and I still treasure their little bracelets and other hospital momentos. I have kept them in a box, but my heart is thrilled at this wonderful IDEA and by the end of this day my Christmas tree will have 2 new ornaments, and my babies will officially have their own special ornaments, right along with their big brothers’ 1st ornaments. I cannot thank you enough. Another inspired and blessed IDEA from the IDEA ROOM!

  8. Well, after I posted my comment I realized that the Idea Room had shared YOUR idea, and I apologize IMMENSELY for the last sentence of my post, giving the Idea Room credit. I was so caught up in my excitement about making these ornaments that I didn’t even notice that it was your inspiration Whitney. I’m sure you won’t publish my posts but hopefully you will read them and know how much your idea has blessed this momma. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and again please forgive my huge mistake of not giving credit where credit was due! I have no doubt, though, that the Lord has already blessed you for blessing me with this idea! Merry Christmas.

  9. A friend of my daughter ran my daughter’s Christmas card, a picture of my 18 mo. old grandson, through a shredder then put the strips inside a clear ornament. She tied on a festive ribbon and gave it back to my daughter for use on her tree. What a unique and precious idea!

  10. I had a student that did something like this for me last year using shredded Christmas paper. I made her write her name on one sheet to have as a keep sake, but thought this would be a great teacher’s gift with each student writing their name on a strip of paper and putting all of them in the ornament… I always struggle for a teacher’s gift for a group and this way the students could participate in the gift!

  11. I filled it with gold shredded paper and put my daughter’s tassel from her high school and college graduation. They loved it.

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