How to Lose Weight Running Without Injury

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Every year there is a surge of people making health resolutions. This year, you can join millions to make your resolution to learn how to lose weight running. Over the last 10 years, running has become not just something athletes did, but a form of exercise that many have taken on as a great means of losing weight and getting healthier. Our tips will be sure to help you lose weight running with ease.


How To Lose Weight Running Without Injury

As with any pursuit toward better health, you should check with your physician before beginning a weight loss or exercise regimen. Various health conditions can make it difficult to run consistently, so before you get started make sure to have a physical and physician approval.

Always begin a regimen slowly.  

One of the biggest obstacles to being able to lose weight running is an injury. Too many people hit the ground running literally, and they forget that their body needs to warm up to this exercise.

There are many programs out there like the popular Couch to 5K that teach you how to do a little at a time to build endurance. First and foremost, you need to remember a few basic things before you start running full force on a regular basis.

  • Stretch your entire body before and after each run. Not just your legs, but your back, arms and shoulders as well.
  • Start slowly and warm up to a steady pace.
  • Don’t neglect a cool down period where you slow down from a run, to a job, and finally a walk.
  • Begin with walking and work your way up to a jog then a run. Go through this cycle as needed until your body builds endurance and stamina for running consistently.

Make changes in your routine as needed.

Any change in your exercise regimen will lead to weight loss, however, you will eventually reach a plateau when you realize that you are not able to lose weight running anymore. That is when you need to change things to give your body a bigger challenge.

  • Mix up your running routine by adding in varied terrain. Add more hills and inclines to challenge your body to work harder.
  • Increase the speed you are running as you are able to do so. Even the inclusion of 2-3 sprints throughout a steady jog can increase your heart rate and help burn more calories.
  • Run for longer distances and times. Instead of a half hour run, increase to 45 minutes or an hour.

Add strength training to your routine.

Anyone can lose weight running, as it is a great aerobic activity, however, your body will always burn more fat when you have more muscle. That means that in between days of running, you should add in strength training to build muscle. Running alone will help build some muscle, but additional things like squats, lunges, and doing minor weight lifting can make a huge difference in strength. More muscle will always help you burn more fat thus making it easier to lose weight running.

If your goal this year is to begin to lose weight running, this is a great place to begin. Including a regular running regimen in your workout routine is sure to help the scales budge.

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  1. I used to tun and I loved it. I found it to be the best form of exercise, and stress relief. I am not able to run anymore but your tips were good reminders on how to do any exercise.

  2. I love running and these are some awesome tips to remember.I used to do 3 to 5 km a day but have cut back to two.

  3. Running is my favorite exercise. I would go really early in the morning and it just set my mind for the rest of the day. I can no longer run and I miss it wholeheartedly. Not only dues it clear the mind, but feels so great to reach goals and burns a ton of calories.

  4. I have a respiratory disease that makes anything more than a slow walk out of the question. I wish I could run again 🙂

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