10 Reasons I Love My Boba Baby Carrier and Why You Need One

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Are you looking for a baby carrier? Here are 10 reasons why I love our Boba baby carrier and why you should consider it too.

I am a baby carrier addict.

There. I admitted it.

When our daughter was born I bought a Sleepy Wrap, an Ergo, and a sling. When my oldest son was born, I bought a Kelty structured carrier, a Boba, and a Ring Sling. Um, I still had the previous carriers too. After our youngest was born, I sold some of the other carriers and bought a Serena and Lily Market Sling, another Ring Sling, and a Baby K-tan. Haha! I have a slight carrier problem.

Boba Collage

Different carriers work better for different situations. My motto is “Always be prepared.”

The Sleepy Wrap is perfect for when they are small and squishy. While I used it out and about with my first two, with three, I found it too cumbersome to get on while on outings. But the Baby K-tan was excellent. The Baby K-tan was too warm for our trip to the Bahamas, but the Market Sling worked out very well.

There comes a point though when the baby gets too big for the slings and wraps, at least for me. That's when I pull out the soft structured carriers. While I used the Ergo with my first child, my other two have only been in the Boba baby carrier.

They love it too! Let me tell you why I love my Boba so much.

10 Reasons I Love My Boba Baby Carrier

1. The Boba can be used from 7 lbs up to 45 lbs.

Especially with three little ones, this is huge. When we are out running errands, I usually wear our two-year-old on my back. He's the one that is most likely to take off somewhere, so I like to keep him contained.

2. Deep Seat.

I know this one kind of sounds funny, but it was a selling point for me. My kids tend to be little wiggle worms. In other carriers, there have been times when I was afraid they would wiggle right out. But with the Boba, they seemed to feel pretty secure in the seat.

3. Removable Footstraps.

We don't use them a lot, but these little foot straps are great when you are wearing them for long periods of time. Their little legs get tired of dangling. The stirrups also help keep their spine in line and their hips in the correct position.

4. Snuggle time.

My baby rarely sits still anymore. While I can wear him on my back, sometimes I wear him on my front so I can get some good snuggle time in. He doesn't seem to mind either.

5. Adjustable Straps.

There are so many adjustments that can be made so that the Boba baby carrier fits you comfortably. This is very important in my book. If I'm not comfortable, I won't use the carrier.

6. Sleeping Hood.

I really like the sleeping hood. It's great when they are sleeping, and when you are outside in the hot sun.

7. Options.

I love that I can wear my kids on my front or my back. This is especially helpful when I'm trying to cook dinner, clean, or just trying to get things done around the house and the baby is especially fussy and wants to be held. It's like two carriers for the price of one!

8. The Prints.

I have the Tweet pattern and just love it. They have several to choose from. I've found that I don't always do things for myself since having kids. So, I picked a pattern I liked. LOL. I do get a lot of compliments.

9. Ease.

It's easy to put on and take off when I'm by myself. I can even get my two-year-old on my back when it's just me and the kids. The ease of a carrier is huge when you have little ones. Complicated carriers tend to be sold or pushed to the back of the closet.

10. Everyone loves it.

This makes life so much easier. The 4-year-old asks to ride in the Boba, my husband doesn't mind wearing, the baby likes the snuggle time, and my two-year-old loves riding on my back.

If you are in the market for a baby carrier, you have to try the Boba baby carrier. I suggest trying several different carriers to find the best ones for you. Ask friends which ones they have and see if you can try them on. You won't regret it, and that will probably save you lots of money in the long run.

What's your favorite baby carrier?

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  1. We were camping/hiking once and were swapping the baby in and out of the moby. It was Daddy’s turn to hold, she is a foster baby and not quite as crazy about being swaddled as my birth kids were (a little harder to introduce swaddling at curious 6 months old). My three year old looked up at me, still wearing an empty moby and sheepishly asked if he could get it in. He did, and we hiked the rest of the way a little faster…and for him, a little sleepier! lol

    1. I love how when children enjoyed being worn as babies, they like that same feeling when they get older. I was surprised at how easily I carried my daughter in the wrap when she was older. Granted I should have been carrying her on my back. Her legs were so long her shoes kept hitting my knees. LOL.

  2. I loved the Moby for new baby time until it got too hot. I’m considering the boba and ergo. Could you explain why you like this better than the ergo? Since I don’t own either right now it is hard to tell which points are comparing the boba to the ergo. Thanks!

    1. Both the Boba and Ergo are excellent baby carriers. I preferred the deep seat of the Boba. I like the option of stirrups for their feet, especially if I am wearing them for extended periods of time. Their little legs can get tired of just hanging there. I found the shoulder padding on the Boba to be more comfortable than the Ergo. And the design was more fun ;). My husband can wear the Boba more comfortably than the Ergo. He had to use the extender belt with the Ergo, and said it still wasn’t that comfortable. I wish I still had mine. I’d take pictures so that you could compare them. Like I said before, both are excellent carriers. You can wear the baby on the front and the back in both. You do need an infant insert with the Ergo, whereas the Boba gives instructions on their website on how to use their carrier for infants without an insert. I hope that helps, Becca! Let me know if you have any questions!!

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