Free 4th of July Unit Study

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Learning doesn’t stop in the Summer. Use this FREE 4th of July Unit Study to teach your children about the birth of America with hands-on activities.

This free 4th of July Unit Study is great for children of any age, but works best for the K-3 crowd. If something is too easy or too advanced, you can easily modify it to fit the needs of your children. Do you have favorite 4th of July resources? Please share them in the comments. We are always looking for fun stuff to learn!

Most of what we covered in our Unit Study went back and forth from the founding of America, to the Declaration of Independence, and Independence Day. The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that you – and the kids! – steer the ship, so you can cover whatever interests your family.

Free 4th of July Unit Study


Talk about why we display fireworks on the 4th of July, then make your own snap, crackle, pop, and fizz experiments! Schoolhouse Rock has a video about fireworks on YouTube, too.


Handprint Flag Activity – super cute!
Patriotic Necklace – hands-on activity
Uncle Sam Printable Craft – cute cotton ball beard!
Q-Tip American Flag Craft – Talk about why we have 50 stars on our flag!
Salt Dough Map – This can be as general or as detailed as you’d like. Littles can make a general outline while bigger kids can do topography and more!

Free Unit Study 4th of July


This entire Unit Study centers itself around history, but here are a few specifics about our Founding Fathers and more.

Mini US History Quiz (Printable)
Thomas Jefferson Timeline – This would be great to do on each of the Presidents.
U.S. Presidents Unit Study
Amazing 4th of July Infographics – So much information in one spot.
American Girl History Units – These are wonderful!

The Declaration of Independence, the letter to King George III declaring that the United States of America would not tolerate the grievances contained therein, was signed on July 4, 1776, right? Actually, although the statement drafted by Thomas Jefferson was officially adopted by the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia on July 4th, it was not signed until August 2, 1776 (and even then not all of the signers were present). Learn about this and more from these Independence Day Homeschooling Resources.

Field Trips

If you want to keep track of the field trips you go on, create your own log or download this free Field Trip Log Printable.

A trip to the Capitol building in your state would be a great way to study American history as well as your state’s history. Most cities also have history museums that will cover these topics. Check your local Yelp or another directory to find something nearby!

Did you know you can study American History while visiting the Magic Kingdom?

Free 4th of July Unit Study

Everything Else

Printable July 4th Activity Book
FREEDOM Acrostic Poem Printable
Free 4th of July Printable Pack – for Kinder through 2nd, Language, Math, Handwriting
10 Free Printable Patriotic Songs – I love how they put them in their binder. So handy!
4th of July Printables – over 75 pages!

This 13 Colonies Travel Brochure is a great idea for this Unit Study as well as others. If you move on to a Unit Study about the States and Capitals, you could create a travel brochure for each. I love this idea! We are definitely going to incorporate travel brochures into future lessons.

P.S. This isn’t free, but I love it: Smithsonian America’s Landmarks Discovery Puzzle – Perfect way to transition into a Unit Study about landmarks, states, Native American history, and more!

4th of July Unit Study

Do you have a favorite 4th of July resources? Please share them in the comments!


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  1. Happy 4th of July! And thank you so much for sharing our Flag Hand Print Craft. 🙂 I hope you have some patriotic fun with the littles this weekend!

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