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42 Fun Spring STEM Activities for Kids

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Looking for fun STEM activities for kids to keep them busy this Spring? Here are 42 STEM activities that your kids will love and want to do again and again.

While some of these activities are spring specific, many can be done all year round!

What is your favorite STEM activity?

What Are STEM Activities?

What exactly is STEM?

Maybe you’re like me and you had heard of STEM but didn’t know exactly what is was.

STEM stands for Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics. It goes beyond learning for tests and focuses on developing higher-level thinking skills by connecting learning concepts to the real world.

Spring STEM Activities for Kids

Here are 42 super fun activities to do with your kids this Spring! Affiliate shopping links and other resources have been linked below.

Spring STEM activities for kids

1. Test out the best paper airplane design 

Here are some paper airplane designs to get you started!

2. Plant some flower seeds

Plant your favorite flower seeds in containers or in your garden.

3. Plant a vegetable garden

Either plant vegetable seeds in your garden, or purchase a kit, to show your kids how food grows.

4. Dry flowers

To air dry flowers you need string, a hanger, scissors, and the flowers you want to dry.

5. Press flowers

I loved pressing flowers when I was little. I used wax paper and heavy books. You can also buy pressed flower-making kits.

6. Make art with flowers

With the dried or pressed flowers you can make beautiful pressed flower art.

7. Go on a nature walk

One of our favorite ways to explore outside is to get outside and go on a nature walk.

8. Experiment with different ways to color eggs

Perfect for spring or just because, experiment with different ways to color eggs.

9. Create a pretend Easter party on a $30 budget

Plan a pretend get together and see how far your $30 will go!

10. Build a diorama of the water cycle

Hands on learning at its best. Create a water cycle model and see how the water cycle works.

11. Create your own umbrella

12. Collect rocks and compare weights

13. Create a suncatcher from tissue paper

14. Make a magnetic marble run

15. Make a chromatography butterfly craft with coffee filters and markers

16. Make sugar cookies and decorate them

17. Design a protective box for an egg and drop it to see if it cracks

18. Make a kaleidoscope

19. Make some bouncy balls from glue

20. Build a structure from marshmallows and toothpicks

21. Discover the life cycle of a butterfly and depict it on a paper plate

22. Make a rain stick

23. Sort a collection of pebbles into groups of ten

24. Find the volume of rainwater held in different containers

25. Look for geometric shapes in nature

26. Make a working battery out of a lemon and a circuit

27. Go cloud watching, draw the shapes you see

28. Learn about why fog forms

29. Rip a leaf down the middle, glue it on paper, and draw its symmetrical other side

30. Try out the dancing rice experiment

31. Create a rainbow from things found in nature and glue to canvas

32. Make an exploding volcano from baking soda and vinegar mixture

33. Build a light pattern box

34. Assemble a popsicle stick catapult

35. Weave together field grasses into a placemat

36. Make oobleck and paint a picture of spring with it

To make oobleck, mix 2 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of water into a bowl. Mix the cornstarch and water until your oobleck is formed.

37. Design a shelter to protect an animal from the sun’s rays

38. Discover the most effective sunburn treatment techniques

39. Shake up some ice cream in a bag

40. Explore densities of different liquids in a transparent beaker

Explore densities of different liquids like corn syrup, dish soap, vegetable oil, water, and rubbing alcohol in a transparent beaker or graduated cylinder.

41. Explore friction of different objects by rolling them down slides at your local playground

Want to learn more about friction? Here are more experiments to help explore friction.

42. Create your own pan flute from straws and craft sticks and compose an original piece

Spring STEM Activities for Kids Printable

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