Have Fun Teaching Math with CTC Math In Your Homeschool Day

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Teaching Math with CTCMath

I am always looking for ways to reinforce the math skills we learned this year with my oldest daughter. We were recently given the opportunity to review the 12 Month Family Plan for the CTC Math Curriculum. It was just what we were looking for. CTC Math can be used as a full online math curriculum, or as a math tutor for Kindergarten through to High School math.

While I was pretty sure we would review the Kindergarten math to make sure we hadn’t missed anything with our other curriculum, I had my daughter take the comprehensive tests to make sure I had her using the right program. CTC Math was a great way for us to see the areas where my daughter excelled and what she needs to work on this Summer.

CTC Math Introduction to Area-2

CTC Math Review

For each lesson, there is a video that they watch and then questions to answer after the video. The video is very clear and easy to understand. My daughter enjoyed watching them and being able to rewatch the videos if she didn’t quite get the concept the first time through.

Since we are in Kindergarten, my daughter is just now learning how to read. She can sound out words, but it still takes awhile. The only thing I didn’t like about CTC Math was more of a personal preference, and probably mainly because I’m homeschooling my oldest with three other littles at home. I had hoped that since the video had audio, the test questions would have an option to have those read to the student also. Maybe that’s a feature they will consider adding in the future.

The online program was very easy to navigate. In the parent section, you set the pass grade for the lessons. The student can take the test multiple times, but only pass {gets a check mark} when they hit that grade. Parents can either log into the Parents’ Area to view their child’s progress or check the progress emails that are sent out. Granted I had to sit with her through most of the lessons so I could read her the questions. But once she can read all the questions, this feature will come in very handy.

My daughter loved the reward system CTC Math has set up for the students. Several times she was at a Bronze level or even Silver, and retook the tests until she scored high enough to get the Gold Level.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.12.11 AM

She loved showing her Daddy all the certificates she got. Even her brothers tried to do some math so they could get certificates too. She liked being able to skip around and not have to follow a rigid plan of action. I liked getting the detailed reports and seeing the test results after she took the tests. We were able to review the questions she got wrong and figure out what went wrong.

CTC Math Payment

Homeschooling families get 60% the regular CTC Math prices, which is phenomenal. The program is definitely worth the cost if the students can read the questions for themselves. Even if you just want a math refresher for over the Summer, or for yourself, I highly recommend CTC Math!

You can find CTC Math on Facebook.

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