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Bright and Fun Dyed Easter Egg Potatoes An Easter Egg Alternative with 2 Ingredients

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Egg prices got you down? These Dyed Easter Egg Potatoes are a great Easter egg alternative. Not only are they vibrant but they are super easy to make!

Using potatoes as an Easter Egg alternative may sound silly but you will be surprised by the results. If you don’t want to dye the potatoes, you can also paint the potatoes.

I love this idea because if the potato egg isn’t found outside during the egg hunt, instead of smelling, you’ll have a potato plant!

How to Dye Potatoes Like Easter Eggs

Skip the pricey eggs this year and try Dyed Easter Egg Potatoes instead! Two ingredients with very little prep, and so much fun.

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Dry Time: 10 Minutes

Yields: As many as you want

Items Needed For Dyed Easter Egg Potatoes

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  • Baby Delicious White or Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Water Based Food Coloring
  • Paint Brushes
  • Small Bowls (optional)
  • Water (optional)
  • Paper Towels (optional but always a good idea)
  • Rubber Gloves (optional but highly suggested unless you want to dye your hands)
  • Hairspray (optional)

Directions for Easter Egg Potatoes

First, grab a couple of small dishes of water, paper towels, and rubber gloves. Water and paper towels for cleaning the brushes, and gloves for protecting hands from the dye. This isn’t necessary but highly suggested.

Wearing gloves, grab a potato and put one drop of food coloring directly on the potato.

Use a paintbrush to spread it around, painting the potato with food coloring.

You can either cover the entire potato in one color or do multiple colors.

One drop of dye goes a long way but you may have to add one more drop of dye to the potato to fully color it, depending on the size.

Place the dyed potatoes on paper towels and let dry for 10 minutes.

If you don’t want any of the dye to rub off later on when handling them, give them a light coating of hairspray and let them dry for a few more minutes.

Have fun!

Tips and Tricks For Making Dyed Easter Egg Potatoes

Make sure to protect your workspace with old newspapers or a cheap plastic tablecloth. While you are dyeing potatoes, the method and mess are the same.

Gel dye never dries. If you decide to try gel dye, while I don’t suggest it, use an extremely thin layer of dye and leave them untouched overnight to dry. 

We tried dyeing the potatoes with the Kool-Aid method and the traditional egg dyeing method with dye, water, and vinegar in a cup. Neither worked. The potato gained some color, but it was very light and not the color we were looking for.

Trial and error was the name of the game. We also tried wrapping a coffee filter tightly around the potato and secured the top with a rubber band. Then directly put drops of water-based food coloring on the coffee filter until it was covered in multiple colors. We let it dry for 10 minutes before unwrapping it and it turned into a cute tie-dye potato, but it still wasn’t near as vibrant and pretty as the paintbrush method. 

If you use hairspray, do not eat the potatoes. However, it definitely keeps things from being dyed. 

Do not peel the potatoes or they will be a wet and gooey mess. They turn gorgeous colors though.

The white and gold potatoes were the best for dyeing. Baby potatoes are the perfect size for little hands. 

Make sure the potatoes are completely dry before moving or storing them.

More Easter Egg Alternatives

Easter egg dyed potatoes aren’t the only easter egg alternative! Here is a great list of more Easter Egg Alternatives you might want to try this Spring.

1. Easter Egg-Shaped Treats

You can take this fun Rice-Krispy Treat Easter treat but make it egg-shaped!

2. Paint Rocks

Instead of using eggs or potatoes, you can paint rocks instead! Go outside and find the best rocks for painting and decorate them for Easter.

3. Use Plastic Eggs

A super easy alternative to dyeing or painting eggs is using (affiliate link) plastic eggs!

4. Clay Relief Eggs

These super cute clay relief eggs are super easy for kids to make and add the perfect touch to any Spring decor.

Easter Egg Ideas

Easter Egg Ideas

Think outside the box with these simple egg decorating ideas for Easter!

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