20 Creative Handmade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Do holidays ever sneak up on you?

Especially the holidays where you have to ship gifts or send cards. I'm SO BAD at this. So bad.

Is it just me?

Even when I try to be ahead, I fail miserably. It's not that I don't care. I do! Sometimes I wish we could do away with all the holidays that require gifts and thought.

Happy Mother's Day card for mom

My favorite special days go something like this:

Me scrolling on Facebook and everywhere I look it says, “Hey! It's National Pizza Day!”. So then I can go, “Hey, kids! It's National Pizza Day! Let's have pizza for dinner and watch a movie.” Then, I'm the best Mom EVER.

Little preparation = Awesome Mom

If you're more like me, I wanted to give you a heads up. You know, a little FYI.

Mother's Day is coming up. Are you ready? Sure you could hop on Amazon and have something shipped, or you could check out these creative and handmade Mother's Day gift ideas that your mom would love. These are pretty awesome handmade Mother's Day gift ideas. You might already have some of the supplies at your house.

But remember, Amazon is okay too. At least with Amazon, it won't sit on your counter for months waiting to go to the post office. Not that that happens at my house…

Hey. This is a no judgment zone.

Mom and baby girl smiling

Handmade Mother's Day Gift Ideas

  1. Peppermint Epsom Foot Soak – Eat Thrive Glow
  2. DIY Copper Gold Leaf Vases – The 36th AVENUE
  3. Geometric Wood Trivets – A Beautiful Mess
  4. Easy Lavender DIY Oatmeal Milk Bath Recipe – Turning the Clock Back
  5. Lemon Sugar Scrub Recipe – Thrifty Jinxy
  6. DIY Gold Leaf Photo Holder – Giggles Galore
  7. Gemstone Soaps – Honestly WTF
  8. Easy DIY Tea Cup Planter – Curbly
  9. Modern Hexagon Coasters – Resin Crafts Blog
  10. Finger Knit Rope Trivet Tutorial – Flax & Twine
  11. DIY Pedi in a Jar Gift (Including Free Printable Tags) – Mission: to Save
  12. Color Block Tote – Uncommon Designs
  13. DIY Stepping Stones: Starting a Family Tradition – Sustain My Craft Habit
  14. Lavender Chamomile Tea Soap – A Pumpkin and a Princess
  15. Antiqued Mercury Glass Effect Mug – Busy Being Jennifer
  16. Crocheted Sturdy Market Tote – Delia Creates
  17. DIY Photo Coasters – Homemade Lovely
  18. Simple Pumpkin Vanilla DIY Sugar Scrub – Busy Bliss
  19. DIY Ring Display – The Merry Thought
  20. Homemade Floral Bath Salts – Simone LeBlanc

Son Giving Mom Flowers

Which one are you going to make? Tell me in the comments!
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