Top 10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World and How to Avoid Them

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Want a magical Walt Disney World vacation? Here are the top 10 common mistakes made at Walt Disney World and how to avoid them for a more enjoyable vacation.

Through the years, we had some amazing trips filled with Disney magic and some not so great experiences that could have been avoided had we only known. 

Here are the mistakes we made so you can avoid them.

Top 10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World and How to Avoid Them 5

10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World

You’ve stuck to your budget, set aside money each month, used Swagbucks to get free Disney Gift Cards, and saved up your Disney Dollars from your Chase credit cards for this trip. A vacation that you know is going to be magical. You can’t wait to see the look of awe and excitement as your babies see Cinderella Castle for the first time.

But as you know, vacations with your family is simply a relocation. The kids don’t magically stop whining as soon as you drive through the resort entrance. Siblings tend to fight wherever they are. Meals still have to be eaten regularly and drinking water to stay hydrated is too often overlooked.

Here are 10 common mistakes made at Walt Disney World and how to avoid them.

1. Blisters on Your Feet on the First Day

Solution: Break-in Your Shoes Before You Go

Buying new shoes for vacation sounds like an excellent idea until you’ve hit 7,000 steps before noon. If you must wear new shoes on your vacation, make sure you wear them before your trip so you know how they will rub and can make adjustments before you go. 

If you choose not to listen, it’s okay. Just make sure to pack blister bandages and bandaids.

Top 10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World and How to Avoid Them 6

2. Going Over Your Budget

Solution: Stay Within Your Budget with Disney Gift Cards

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than blowing your budget. One of our favorite things to do before vacation is to gather all of our Disney Gift cards together. We ask for gift cards for birthdays and holidays, as well as grabbing them with our Target Red Card for the discount. 

Each child has one with a set amount for souvenirs. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. To help them make wise decisions, we take a picture of the item when they see it. Then later in the week we look at the pictures and see if they still want that item. More time than not, they are glad they waited because they found something they wanted more.

Disney Gift Cards are like the envelope system that helps you stay within your budget and avoid the tap-tap-tapping of the Magic Band.

3. Finding 60+ Minute Waits for Your Favorite Attractions

Solution: Get Your FastPass+ Service Reservations Before You Go

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they visit Walt Disney World is not grabbing their FastPass+ reservations before they go. This could cause you to completely miss the opportunity to ride the attraction you’ve been most looking forward to experiencing.

Reservations can be made starting at 7:00 AM Eastern Time 30-60 days, depending on where you are staying, prior to check-in for the entire length of your stay.

At Disneyland Resort, it’s not as big of a deal with their MaxPass system. 

Top 10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World and How to Avoid Them 7

4. Leaving Immediately After the Fireworks

Solution: Wait 30 minutes before you start heading out.

I get it. It’s been a long day. Your bed is calling you. But everyone is trying to leave with you after the fireworks. Take the time to mosey around the Park one more time to let the crowds thin out a little more. Even if the Park is officially closed, you have one hour to get out.

Top 10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World and How to Avoid Them 8

Take your time.

5. Running Out of Battery By 2 PM

Solution: Grab Your Fuel Rod Before You Get There

While you’re at the airport, grab your Fuel Rod to keep your phone charged while you’re at the Parks. We carry both a brick charger and our Fuel Rods because Fuel Rods are easy to swap out at the Parks.

The Fuel Road starter pack also includes cords so if you leave it in the room, no worries!

Top 10 Common Mistakes Made at Walt Disney World and How to Avoid Them 9

6. Whiney Kids (and Adults) Because They Didn’t Get to Do Their Thing

Solution: Make a Plan

When heading to Walt Disney World, you must have a plan. At one time it was possible to visit without one, but now it’s a must.

To make it easy, have each person choose one thing they must do that day. It might be an attraction, a show they want to watch, a snack they have to eat, or a character they want to see.

Regardless of what it is, by having everyone choose one thing, there should be no complaints about someone not getting to do the one thing they hoped to do that day. Which hopefully means less whining from everyone. 

mistakes made at walt disney world - whiney kids

7. Getting Frustrated

Solution: Bring Your Patience

Disney vacations are all about the hurry up and wait. Whether you’re racing for your next FastPass+ reservation, your meal reservation or you’re trying to get in line to see your favorite character before the line closes, remember to breathe.

One of our favorite things to do while we wait is to log into the Disney Play App. There are games to play and badges to be earned.

Waiting in line at Disney is far better than waiting in line at the DMV.

8. Realizing It Is 2 PM and You Haven’t Had Lunch (or Breakfast)

Solution: Plan for meals

While you think you won’t forget to eat, you will. It’s a given. You’ll lose track of time as you grab your FastPass+ and march all over the Parks trying to get to the attractions that everyone wants to go on. 

Make sure to pack snacks that are easy to grab and go. You can even pack your lunches and eat while you wait in line.

Eating regularly helps keep everyone in your party from getting hangry.

9. Getting Drenched in a Rain Storm

Solution: Pack for Rain

If you are visiting during the summer, know that you will most likely get wet during one of the afternoon rainstorms. They come every day around the same time. Yet one of the common mistakes at Walt Disney World is not preparing for rain.

Pack a poncho and a stroller rain cover to stay dry. Think about this when you are deciding which shoes to bring also.

Hollywood Studios Rain Ponchos Sister and Brother Preschoolers Walt Disney World

10. Forgetting Time Travel Isn’t Possible Even at Disney World

When you are planning your days, make sure the dining reservations match your FastPass+ reservations which should also match the Park you will be visiting that day or at least be close.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is being in Animal Kingdom and thinking they will zip on over to Epcot for lunch before seeing the 3 o’clock Parade at Magic Kingdom. Only in a perfect world can that happen. Make sure to take into consideration transportation. It can take at least one hour to get anywhere as the bus schedule may vary.

I hope you’ve found these common mistakes made at Walt Disney World and how to avoid them helpful. What would you add to the list?

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