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7 Disney Cruise Perks You Don’t Want To Miss

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If you are weighing your cruise ship options, Disney Cruise Lines is no doubt on the list. While you are weighing the perks of each cruise line, you should know that Disney Cruises offer perks you simply won’t find on any other cruise line. Disney Cruise Lines have gone out of their way to make the cruise experience a magical and memorable one, so take a look below at 7 Disney Cruise perks you won’t get elsewhere! These perks might help make your decision just a little bit easier.

Disney Cruise Line Perks

7 Disney Cruise Line Perks You Won’t Get Elsewhere

1. Unlimited soft drinks.

Disney Cruise Lines are the only cruise lines that don’t charge you extra for soft drinks. Soft drinks are unlimited and part of your cruising experience. You will find drink stations all over the ship, so you can help yourself at anytime, whenever you need a sip, at no additional cost or fee.
Disney Cruise Line Perks

2. Unlimited self serve ice cream.

What could be better than helping yourself to ice cream whenever you wish? On other cruise ships, this may come at a cost, but it is included in your Disney Cruise experience. You will find the ice cream stations all over the ship so you can help yourself whenever you are ready for a sweet treat. Sorry though, no free Dole Whips ::sad face::.

3. Faster check-in lines.

Whether it be the arrival check in line or the customs check-in, Disney has twice as many agents working to move you through sooner. You will find yourself waiting less and enjoying the ship more. Disney has an effective and streamlines check-in process so lines aren’t an issue.

4. Nightly freebies delivered to your room.

Each night a cast member will deliver the daily itinerary to your room along with some fun freebies. The freebies might be pirate rags for pirate night, glow sticks for the deck party, or chocolates to enjoy before bed. Look forward to fun freebies arriving nightly for your family to enjoy.

5. Your own private island, Castaway Cay.

Disney has its own island, Castaway Cay for their guests to enjoy. Because it is only Disney guests on the island, you will notice less crowding and lines. You will also enjoy eateries included in the all inclusive dining, which makes visiting the islands even more fun for you and your family. Don’t forget to register for the Castaway Cay 5k!!

6. Unlimited fresh fruit buffets on Castaway Cay.

When you visit Disney’s island you will notice unlimited fresh fruit buffets for you to enjoy. This makes the experience an even more refreshing one. Take a fresh fruit break whenever you wish, as the fresh fruit bars are also included in the all-inclusive dining.

Fresh Fruit Disney Cruise Family Travel

7. A split bathroom with bathtub and other room amenities.

One thing unique to Disney ships is the cabins have split bathrooms. So while someone is showering, there is the sink and mirror area where another family member can get ready. This split bathroom gives you more space and lets more people get ready at once. Also, Disney is one of the only cruise lines that have bathtubs. No walk-in showers here!

You will also enjoy other room amenities such as fold-down bedroom bunks for kids, magic portholes in cabins, unlimited Disney movie streaming in your cabin, and Disney movie collectibles displayed all over the ship.

Does Disney know how to do cruises or what?

Walt Disney World Parade Mickey and Minnie

Keep these 7 Disney Cruise Lines perks you won’t get elsewhere in mind so you can make a cruise line decision that is perfect for you and your family.

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