Are Your Kids Ready for a Disney Cruise? Here Are 7 Questions to Ask Yourself

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Are Your Kids Ready for a Disney Cruise? If you are wanting to plan a family cruise, ask yourself these questions to see if your kids are ready.

Disney is known for their customer service and attention to detail. Our favorite vacations as a family have been to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. Over the years, our kids have grown to love the characters that I loved growing up. There's nothing quite like walking down Main Street USA and seeing Cinderella's Castle right in front of you.

One of the Disney items on my Bucket List is to go on a cruise. Not just any cruise though. A cruise with Disney Cruise Line. One of the things that has held us back though is the age of our kids.

ships-overview-magic-g01 Credit: Disney

If you are like me and looking to plan a family cruise, you want to be sure they are ready for the experience and it will be worth the money you spend.

Take a look below at a few questions to ask yourself before planning a Disney Cruise. When you answer these questions, you should be able to decide if a Disney Cruise is right for you.

Are Your Kids Ready for a Disney Cruise?

1. Does your child like to venture off and pursue their own interests?

The wonderful thing about Disney Cruises is they include lots of kids activities and clubs. Kids can visit the playrooms, science centers, art areas, and the many other activities for them. If your child is comfortable pursuing their own interests the Disney Cruise allows them to do this in a safe environment.


2. Is your child comfortable in the care of an unfamiliar person?

Whether your child is 1 or 11, there are structured kids clubs and activities where they can enjoy the fun without parents hovering over them. When enjoying these activities they are in the care of a highly trained cast member. If your child is comfortable making new friends and being in the care of others, this cruise would be perfect for them.

3. Is your child comfortable sleeping away from home?

Disney Cruises provide some of the coziest cabins around. Is your child comfortable sleeping away from home? If they are comfortable with staying in hotel rooms or beds that are not their own, they shouldn’t have any issue with the sleeping arrangements on a Disney Cruise.


4. Is your child comfortable around crowds? Can they wait their turn?

When you cruise you will be around crowds. You will also find instances where you may need to spend some time waiting, whether it be in line for the water slide or in line for the buffet. If your child can handle a small wait and having to deal with crowds, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

5. Is your child sensitive to movement or prone to motion sickness?

The ship will sway as it sails, and those who are sensitive to motion may become ill from this. You can take preventative measures prior to boarding such as a motion sickness tablet or bracelet. If your child is super sensitive or experiences motion sickness easily, you might want to wait before adding a cruise to your list of things to do.

6. Does your child have experience with Disney movies and Disney-themed toys?

Much of the fun on the Disney ship is built around the Disney theme. Your child will be especially receptive to these activities if he or she has had experience with Disney characters. If your child is a Disney fan, they will no doubt connect with the ship.


7. Is your child is flexible?

Can your child go with the flow? With all of the options on the ship, having a child who is flexible and can move from activity to activity is ideal. The ship is quite stimulating with much to offer, so you want your child to be at the stage where they can jump from activity to activity to make the most of your time there.

Are your kids ready for a Disney Cruise? Ask yourself these questions and decide if it is the perfect family vacation for you!

If you do decide to plan your Disney Cruise Line vacation, don't forget to check out this packing list for traveling with young children. Yet again, Disney has thought of everything.

Photo credit: all images are from Disney Cruise Lines .

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