How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag Plus 15 Things You Don’t Want To Forget

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Not sure what to pack for a day at Disney? Here is how to pack the perfect Disney Parks bag for a magical day with or without kids. Plus the perfect bag that will help hold it all!

My all-time favorite bag to bring to Disney Parks when my children were babies and toddlers was my Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Tea on the Thames.

It had stroller clips so I could hang it from the stroller or wear it as a backpack. It was yellow and gray with a lace-like medallion. Plus, it was wipeable!

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag Plus 15 Things You Don't Want To Forget 1

I loved my Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake Collection bags, but I wouldn't bring those to the Disney Parks with me. I was too worried they would get smeared with ice (affiliate link) cream or sat in a puddle of who knows what. Those were my favorite at home diaper bags because they didn't look like diaper bags and I felt put together even though I was in jeans, a t-shirt (affiliate link), and wearing baby spit-up.

The Perfect Disney Parks Bag for a Magical Day

Now that the kids are older, I don't have to carry around diapers and sippy cups, but I still have to be prepared for all the Mom things.

After we got out of the diaper bag stage, I thought a backpack would do the trick. There was room, but it wasn't organized. I missed my diaper bag and all the amazing compartments.

Every time we would go to a Disney Park, I'd realize I had forgotten something. I wasn't prepared.

I wasn't sure what to pack for a day at Disney with older kids!

As soon as I saw the District Backpack in Disney's Signature Minnie Mouse, I knew it would be perfect.

I love either having a crossbody-style bag or a backpack in the Parks. It really depends on what I'm carrying that day.

Pack the perfect disney parks bag for a magical time

The District Backpack is a 5-piece set that includes the backpack, packing cube, changing pad, drawstring bottle holder, and integrated stroller clips in the padded shoulder straps.

It's water-resistant with a wipeable interior and exterior. Plus it has a lightweight construction.

It's SO PERFECT for a day at Disney with older kids!

Inside the Backpack, the interior is spacious and has 2 pockets for organization, which are AMAZING!

There is an insulated front pocket with wipeable, PEVA lining. The packing cube was designed to fit in the front pocket, which is awesome!

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag Plus 15 Things You Don't Want To Forget 2

There is a removable bottle holder with a drawstring that coordinates and a removable, washable changing pad. You don't have to use those though if you don't have a baby.

It felt good to be back in Petunia again.

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag Plus 15 Things You Don't Want To Forget 3

So many people ask what to pack for a day at Disney and I think I finally have it figured out!

We had lots of trial and error but I think I came up with how to pack the perfect Disney Parks bag for a magical time.

What To Pack For A Day At Disney | How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag

Now that you have your perfect bag for Walt Disney World, what should go inside? Let's check out the list so you can pack the perfect Disney Parks bag.

The only thing predictable about the weather in Orlando, Florida is that it's unpredictable.

But isn't that the truth anywhere? I feel like everyone says that about where they live. The difference in Orlando is the humidity.

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what to pack for disney

1. Shout Wipes

I know you think this can be left out, but nope. Whether you are trying to get out spit-up, chocolate, blood, or who knows what you sat on, you will want these in your bag.

2. Bandages, Antiseptic Ointment, and Arnica

Falls are a given. I don't care how old you are. My kids have benefited from the bandages in my kit, as well as my mom, and myself. I have packets of probiotics in this kit. It might seem odd but when someone complains of an upset tummy, they get a probiotic (affiliate link) packet.

3. Water Bottle

Yes, there are water fountains. Have you ever tasted the water in Orlando? It's not pleasant. Bring a water bottle.

4. Poncho

I keep two emergency ponchos in my bag. If it starts raining suddenly, then I'm covered. I keep debating on the travel umbrella, but then I have to take it out for security.

5. Handheld Fans

Friends. I was a strict, no-fan person. We didn't have one for the stroller. No one needed a handheld fan.

Then we moved here. LOL

Now all the kids have handheld fans. These neck fans are popular too.

6. FuelRod Battery for Cell Phones

These FuelRod packs are perfect at the Parks because they have exchange stations inside the Parks and at Disney Springs!

7. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is always a must-have in Disney bags.

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag Plus 15 Things You Don't Want To Forget 4

8. Make-up Cleansing Towels

These makeup cleansing towels are perfect for a quick wipe-off when you sit down for a snack. A little refresh during the day.

9. Permanent Markers and a Pen

These permanent markers are great for signatures, to write names on cups or anything else I might need them for. I also carry a pen because you just never know when you might need a pen.

10. No Sweat Antiperspirant Wipes

Florida will make you sweat in places you didn't know you could sweat. While if you're stinky you won't be alone, these antiperspirant wipes aren't a bad idea to freshen up.

11. Disney Gift Cards

Yes! I keep all of our Disney Gift Cards in our Disney Parks Bag.

12. Snacks

Honestly, I'm not big of a snacker. But I have found that it's helpful to carry some kind of snack in the backpack for when the kids, or let's be honest, the adults, get hangry.

I usually stick apples in a Ziploc bag in the backpack right before we leave. Sometimes I add bars of some kind that are gluten-free. I also try to make sure they are nut-free.

13. The Basics

I consider the basics things like hair ties, scrunchies, lip balm, pads, and sunglasses. Things I would normally carry in my bag and also carry in my Park Bag.

14. Disney Pins to Trade

One of our favorite activities to do in the Parks and resorts is to find the pin boards and trade pins. We're always a little sad when we realize we've forgotten our traders so I always make sure we have a few in my bag.

15. At Least One Stuffy

This is from my kids. They said there are moments in the Parks that sometimes feel overwhelming and it helps to have a stuffy close by when you need a cuddle.

The Petunia Pickle Bottom Disney Line Isn't Just For Moms

My tween LOVES having her own bag when we go to Parks. She enjoys using the Adventurer Belt Bag!

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag Plus 15 Things You Don't Want To Forget 5

The Adventurer Belt Bag is outfitted in the playful, all-over print of Minnie the Muse, featuring her cheerful red bow, sweet smile, and striking style.

It has 3 carrying options, which she loves. It can be worn as a waist belt bag with the adjustable, a wristlet/clutch, or as a cross-body/purse with a strap!

I love that it's machine washable! Plus it matches the inside of the Backpack!! It's the perfect Mommy and Me coordinating set.

How would you pack the perfect Disney Parks Bag?

How to Pack the Perfect Disney Parks Bag for a Magical Day

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