37 Things You Might Not Know about Me on My Birthday

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37 things on My Birthday


I said.

I am 37.

I feel every year of it lately.

There is a reason that I wanted to start having children at age 25 and not 30, but that didn't work out so well for us. It is what it is.

Most of the time I would never change it.

I always love when people share a little bit more about them and their lives. While crowds may not be my favorite, I love getting to know people one on one.

So imagine this…

We are sitting down together at our favorite coffee shop at the little table in the corner. You know the one. It allows us to watch the door and the people but it's far enough away that we aren't right in the middle of the action.

I'm drinking either a white chocolate mocha, chai, or iced caramel macchiato with extra extra caramel sauce {YUM}. What are you having?

Thank you so much for joining me today. It's actually not my birthday anymore but we're still celebrating.


37 Things You Might Not Know about Me on My Birthday 1

37 Things about Me

  1. My favorite color combinations right now are navy, pink, and turquoise.
  2. I want to redo an Airstream Trailer and travel the country.
  3. Living in Europe is a dream of mine.
  4. I want to take my kids on a Coast to Coast road trip.
  5. Snow is not my favorite.
  6. I want to move to Orlando and become a Walt Disney World Personal Shopper.
  7. Really, I just want to move to Orlando for the Walt Disney World Florida Resident Annual Pass.
  8. Walt Disney World vacations are my favorite.
  9. I am running in my first half-marathon later this month. It's in Walt Disney World.
  10. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.
  11. My running play list is full of songs from Disney movies at the moment.
  12. I am a procrastinator.
  13. I stay up way too late.
  14. Mexican food is my favorite.
  15. I eat soup year round.
  16. I am not a runner.
  17. If I live in one place for too long I get antsy and want to move. 7-8 years seems to be my limit.
  18. I am an introvert.
  19. We are gluten free at home. I try to eat gluten free when we eat out. When I don't, I regret it.
  20. I wrote a book and self-published it.
  21. I could not live without our essential oils. At first I thought anyone who used them was C-R-A-Z-Y.
  22. We have four kids but 9 years ago we didn't think we could have children.
  23. I love to travel.
  24. I don't like being the center of attention.
  25. I just want to know that you see me.
  26. I have a son with special needs.
  27. I miss sewing.
  28. I want to learn how to knit.
  29. Our house is LOUD.
  30. Messes drive me crazy.
  31. My favorite shoes are TOMS and flip flops.
  32. If you see me out and about I'll most likely be in jeans and a t-shirt (affiliate link) but I'm trying to look more pulled together so it might be a nice shirt (affiliate link) and cardi from Stitch Fix.
  33. Breakfast for dinner is my favorite.
  34. Broadway shows are my jam.
  35. Prefer handmade over store bought things.
  36. I love all things vintage and antique-y.
  37. Shiplap is my favorite EVER.

Whew. That was kind of HARD. Were you surprised at any of it? Haha! Now it's your turn. Tell me about yourself in the comments. I can't wait to learn more about you!!

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