FREE Homeschool ID Cards For Teacher and Students with 3 Extra Options

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Create your own beautiful and professional homeschool ID cards to receive teacher discounts at businesses where available.

Teacher and Student IDs

This is our first year of homeschooling. I'll admit, that I am way out of my comfort zone. We've started, but it has been a struggle.

I was reading a homeschooling thread on Facebook and people were mentioning teacher discounts.



So what did I do? I made identification cards for both my daughter and me. I may go back and make the boy's Pre-Kindergarten ID Cards so they don't feel left out. One reader mentioned that she made id cards for all her children for field trips.

This could open up so many different possibilities for learning!

Discounts at museums, stores, anywhere you can get the educators discount.

This is what ours look like:

Homeschool Teacher Blog Post
Homeschool Student Blog Post Example

I'm not sure what I expected. I thought it would be super hard to make, with lots of steps. But it was really easy.

How to Make Your Own Homeschool ID Cards

  1. Go to Big Huge Labs
  2. Upload the picture you want to use.
  3. Pick your phone style {photo badge landscape}
  4. Choose your badge color.
  5. Type in your Header {Head Teacher ID Card, Homeschool Student ID Card, etc.}
  6. In the Footer, type the name of your Homeschool
  7. Type Your Name
  8. In the Text portion, for the first row I put Head Teacher and for the student I put the grade. Both then say the name of the school and School Year.
  9. Member Since would be when you started homeschool and the Expiration date I put as the end of the school year/beginning go the next.
  10. Add your birthdate and click the box for the “official looking barcode”
  11. Click create and wait to preview your card!

I save the file on my computer. I will print out the cards and laminate them soon.


I am so excited to be able to use our homeschool cards.

Other Places To Make Homeschool ID Cards

These are a few websites where you can make an ID card.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op has a free homeschool ID page.

Canva has a great number of templates available to use.

Zazzle has many ID card options to choose from and is easy to use.

You can use a photo of yourself or your child or this logo on any of these ID cards.

Where is your favorite place to get a teacher discount?

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  1. Do they really accept these without question whenever you present them? I was thinking to make one for teacher appreciation day, but wasn’t sure if businesses give a hard time to homeschoolers.

  2. What is the best way to delete your information from the website once you download your ID card?

    1. When I created them, they did. If you’re concerned, you could always email them and ask.

    1. For me, it saved the size I needed. If it saves larger, then you can adjust the print size on your printer.

  3. Is it legal to create a teacher ID of you homeschool and do you have to print it out or can you save it to your mobile device?

    1. Homeschools in the states where we have lived are legal schools, making those who lead the school teachers. In certain cases, businesses require teachers to show some form of id. They may also require the official letter stating that the homeschool is an actual school where the teacher is employed. It’s up to the business what they allow and don’t allow.

  4. These are cool. Thanks for sharing. Why is a teacher birthdate on the card necessary?

  5. I love this page this has help me so much I love reading it an do everything it says makes life a lot more easier on me and the students…

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