The Secret to Living Simple So You Can Enjoy Your Life

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My friend Kayse is sharing with us today about what has been on her recently. Kayse has an amazing way with words, and I know you will be blessed.

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I don't know about you, but I find motherhood to be somewhat overwhelming.

(“Somewhat” is an understatement, by the way.)

I've got a handful of friends who seem to effortlessly manage a handful of kids, and here I am, over in the corner with just my two little ones, pulling my hair out and getting ready to strap them both into the car so we can go get dinner from Chick Fil A. Again.

Motherhood is simply not what I expected it to be. It's wonderful, don't get me wrong, but I. AM. TIRED. I am not quite the mother that I thought I would be, and it turns out that I have much less patience than I thought I did.

Still, I want to do this well. I want to mother well, and love my kids fully, and disciple them as I teach them about the Jesus who still saves me every day.

And yet, the days seemed to slip away from me. It was so easy for me to get caught up in a ton of little things, and I felt like I was really missing out on the important stuff. I was busy putting out fires and checking facebook, and I really wanted to be reading the Bible with my kids, or taking them somewhere fun. I just couldn't figure out how to get my current, messy, distracted life to look like the one I really knew God was calling me to. Not a perfect life, by any means, no one has that! But a meaningful life, where the important things don't get crowded out by distractions.

Fed up, I spent a few hours in a local coffee shop and I literally sketched it all out. How my days went, what I was actually doing, and where I was spending my time. I also took the time to pray through what my priorities currently were, and what they really should be. And then, I rearranged my life in a way that made sense and lined up with what God had called me to do. It was a process that took hours at first, but in the end it gave me a real-life plan that I could actually implement in my real life! And that was well worth it.

For the last few years, when I look around and find my life has overwhelmed me, I come back to this process. I pare down, focus in on my priorities, and ask God to lead me in creating a new plan that actually works. One that allows me to be the person He's called me to be, in the fullest way. And I start over with a new perspective, and a plan to walk out His will in my life, letting go of the things that don't matter so I can fully embrace the things that do!

This has made such a difference in my life. Simply taking the time to slow down and systematically reevaluate my priorities, rearrange my schedule, and set into motion a new plan of action has eliminated the feelings of overwhelm that so often come with motherhood. It's been a life-saver for me, and it's changed the way we live day-to-day as a family! Life is simpler, and we are more joyful.

After going through this process a few times, I finally compiled it all into one place, where I can easily walk through the steps and get my life back in order every few months or so. And I'm so excited to announce that this process is now available to you, too! It's a brand new eCourse I'm offering, called Enjoy Your Life!

What are people saying?

“This course helped me let go of the guilt of not being able to do it all. It reminded me to seek the Lord’s will for my life and season of life. It is freeing to know that if I can’t get to my should-do list, life will keep moving. A great encouragement to me as a mom, housewife and in my daily walk with God!” – Michaela F.

“In the Enjoy Your Life Course, Kayse shares tried and true practices to making this crazy walk of motherhood a little less nuts! I loved that it was step-by-step and I could do it on my own schedule. Truly a blessing and I’m so thankful I did it.” – Anonymous

“I know many overextended moms. So many of us could benefit from taking a step back and learning how to organize our time. This course did just that!” – Kelly S.

“I loved having to really focus and think my days and priorities through. It is so easy to just plug along without really knowing “why”. This course makes you look closely and helps you make changes without feeling pressured.” – Melissa R.

I'd love to invite you to take a deeper look at the way you spend your time, and let me help you make a plan that works for YOU!

My prayer is that this little course will be a stepping stone that gives you the freedom to both identify and fully pursue the purpose God has called you to.

Your job as a wife & mom matters. Be encouraged and empowered by a process that's worked for so many!

Kayse is the wife of a music teacher, and the mom of two wild and crazy kids, ages 4 & almost 2. She writes to share life and encourage women, crafting authentic blog posts, books & courses for the everyday mom. Kayse is passionate about honesty, Jesus, and practical resources that help make life just a little bit easier. She’s the author of Getting It Together, Undivided Mom, Worth the Fight, and the new Enjoy Your Life eCourse. You can find her writing weekly on her blog, The Only Hope I’ve Got.

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