3 Ways to End Picky Eating

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3 Ways to End Picky Eating

Plum Organics® sponsored this blog post. The opinions and text are all mine.

Mealtimes can be hard. Before having children of my own, I remember talking with friends who had kids about the battle of the wills at meals. Many felt like short order cooks. It was hard to find recipes that everyone in the family enjoyed. Others had children who would only eat one or two things. Usually those were chicken nuggets and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Of course I vowed {silently} that if we were blessed with children of our own, my children would never be picky eaters. I seemed to forget that even my brother went to children's choir camp one summer and only ate green gel {gross, I know}. Go ahead. Laugh. While my first born was a great eater, my second child was not. He would live off of chicken nuggets, fries, and apples. If we let him.

But I refuse to be a short order cook. I learned my lesson with my oldest son and have made sure to do things differently with my third and fourth children. The key is to start young. But if you have older picky eaters, all is not lost {although it might seem like it is}. There is hope. Even my brother who only ate green gel that summer so many years ago, will eat salad now.

3 Ways to End Picky Eating

  1. Let them go grocery shopping with you. Children like to be involved. Let them pick out a new fruit or vegetable to try. My children are always more willing to try something they picked out themselves.
  2. They must try at least one bite. This is a rule at our house. Just the other night, our oldest son refused to eat his baked beans. We enforced the “one bite” rule and he reluctantly ate one bite. When time came to clear the plates, he asked for his back because he wanted to finish the beans. Victory!
  1. When they are just starting to eat foods, introduce them to a wide variety. It's so easy to stick to the basics. We have found though that it's worth the effort to introduce new foods early on. They are much more willing to try new foods at age one than at two. In our house anyway. Avocado has been the first food of all four of our children. They love it! Bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes. We also use Plum Organics Mighty products when we are on the go.

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These were perfect snacks during our recent trip to Walt Disney World. Mighty Pouches, bars, Sips, and Sticks are yummy fruit & veggie snacks with nutritious, organic ingredients. The “mighty 4” are grains, veggies, fruits, and protein. The pouches, bars, and sticks were easy to throw in the backpack for our all-day adventures. It was great not having to worry about whether or not she was going to get to eat a well-balanced meal that day.

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The Mighty 4 Bars and Mighty Sticks were definitely her favorites. She didn't seem to care for the pouches with greek yogurt in them, but she would eat most of them. It's great having a nutritious on-the-go option that will help expand my child's taste palette. Plum Organics Mighty Sticks help to train taste buds to love a variety of foods from the get-go while inspiring a lifetime of healthy eating. Find a store near you. You can join the Plum Organics Club Plum to receive great offers and customized articles tailored to your profile. Grab your coupon here.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Plum Organics. The opinions and text are all mine.

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