Wise Words from an Empty Nest That Every Mom Needs to Hear

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One minute you are dressing your teeny baby girl for the day and the next minute you’re helping her get ready for her wedding. Wise Words from an empty nest.

Wise Words from an Empty Nest

guest post: Angie Dailey from AngieDailey.com

That’s it, it is over.

Our kids are grown. They are all leaving soon.

My heart is full of pride, and shadowed with brokenness. How will hubs and I survive after they all leave? Maybe I don’t want an empty nest! I can’t believe I am saying this.

It seems like yesterday I was replacing the glass in the window the youngest ran his foot through because he was running across the back of the couch playing Spiderman.

Wasn’t it only a moment ago I holding my girls’ hand as she got ready for her first dance with her daddy? Then BAM – in a flash I was holding her hand before her wedding.

I know it wasn’t that long ago that my oldest was riding his bike until well after dark- now he is teaching his daughter to ride hers! And my middle son owns two actual cars that he can drive- he is restoring them. What happened to “mom can I take the broken VCR apart?”.

Whew. Time can steal so much from us if we let it.

Wise Words from an Empty Nest That Every Mom Needs to Hear 2

Wise Words from an Empty Nest

Let me ask you mommas of littles– do you develop pictures? Do you have a scrapbook? I’m not talking the type that is all perfect and cutesy- I’m talking a photo album with a quick label on each picture so you don’t forget these moments. Instead of archiving everything, please print your pictures, label them, share and look at them. Do you keep keepsakes? Locks of hair, birthday cards, family pictures and hospital bracelets all make great reminders of what is passing you by.

I am 41 years old. 41.

I feel like yesterday I was 23, with 4 kids . I had a newborn, an 18 month old, a 3 year old and a 5 year old. I had cheerios smashed everywhere, diapers galore, Barney and the Lion King always on the television.

I never felt like I got to shower. I had 3 car seats in my vehicle for most of my twenties. My hair was always a mess, makeup became a dream. No Date nights for us, unless it was grocery shopping. I had laundry and dishes that never completely got done.

I learned quickly to be forgiving and even quicker to forget. I learned about being lonely for adult conversation, being too tired for any “marriage maintenance”, and being angry at the world because this life was hard.

Now I wouldn’t trade those days for the entire world and all the coffee in it.

Throwing in the towel is just not an option. Have you heard “This too shall pass”?

It does pass, and in a flash, you are looking at all that space in your house thinking….I can have a library, hubs can have a man cave, and I get a real guest bedroom and an office. I think some days I would give anything to have that cheerio-covered carpet, the endless diapers, and the constant laundry.

Well, maybe except for those diapers.

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Everything is good with Jesus, coffee and a little inspiration to start the day. Hello, I am Angie Dailey. I spend most of my time with my hubs, adult and at home kiddos, and grandchildren-enjoying every minute of their lives is fascinating to me. I am truly blessed to be able to write on my own blog, and to share the Creator of the Universe with you. I love coffee, friends, family and my chickens. I live in a rural area of Ohio where the corn is a great privacy fence and there is always room for one more around our table. I hope you enjoy what you read and come visit me.

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