Create A Carefree 80’s Summer For Your Kids

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Looking to unplug this summer and give your kids an 80's Summer like you used to have? Here are some fun activities to add to your 80s summer bucket list.

80's summer bucket list ideas

Whether you are looking for ideas to keep your kids off screens this summer or just want them to experience a carefree summer as you enjoyed as a child, here are some ideas to get you started.

What Did 80s Kids Do In The Summer?

If I could describe summer in one word, it would be simple.

I remember summers full of bike rides, scraped knees, digging holes, walking to friends' houses to play, making paper cups, and selling them to neighbors. I vaguely remember a lemonade stand as well.

We'd take our earnings and walk to the convenience store at the beginning of the neighborhood to buy whatever candy we could.

I even tackled the big hill around the corner that was so scary to go down on bike rides. It wasn't without scraped knees and tears, but I did it.

What is your favorite 80's Summer Memory?

How do I give my kids 80s summer?

While we don't live within walking distance of a convenience store, there are ways to give my children the 80's Summer I remember as a child.

If you’re looking to give your kids an 80s-style summer like the ones you had as a child, here are a few ways for kids to have an old-school summer.

80's Summer Bucket List Ideas

Create A Carefree 80's Summer For Your Kids 1

1. Listen to 80’s music

2. Do aerobics

3. Play hide-n-seek

4. Play at your local playground

5. Play tetherball

6. Go on bike rides

7. Play “Frisbee”

8. Run through the sprinklers

9. Build a fort

10. Have a water balloon fight

11. Play board games

12. Go to the library

13. Bake cookies

14. Go rollerskating

15. Stargaze

16. Play hopscotch

17. Watch 80’s movies

18. Go to a parade

19. Make collages

20. Host a lemonade stand

21. Bake mud pies

22. Drink from the water hose

23. Take a drive with the windows down

24. Play dodgeball

25. Go skateboarding

26. Wear swimsuits, all day, every day

27. Decorate bedroom walls with magazine posters

28. Make a mixtape

29. Watch soap operas

30. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds

31. Eat popsicles

32. Drink cola from the bottle

33. Slip ‘n Slide

34. Jump on a trampoline

35. Drink “Kool-Aid”

36. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck

37. Go camping

38. Make pudding pop popsicles

Can't have an entire unscheduled summer? No worries! Have an unscheduled weekend. Have kids who need routine and schedule? Write down the schedule the day before and have fun with it.

If nothing else, use the playlist below and have an 80's Dance Party in the living room while having a pizza night movie marathon.

List of 1980s Summer Songs for Your 80's Music Playlist

Close your eyes and pretend you're back at the skating rink with friends or singing into your hairbrush while dancing in front of your mirror. Create your own Summer Music Playlist or use the songs below! Complete with (affiliate link) a boombox!

1. Girls just want to have fun – Cyndi Lauper

2. Don't dream it's over – Crowded House

3. Take on me – A-Ha

4. I'm so excited – The Pointer Sisters

5. Summer of '69 – Bryan Adams

6. Cruel Summer – Bananarama

7. The Boys of Summer – Don Henley

8. Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves

9. The Heat Is On – Glen Frey

10. Footloose – Kenny Loggins

11. Jack & Diane – John Mellencamp

12. Beat It – Michael Jackson

13. Dancing in the dark – Bruce Springsteen

14. Pump up the jam – Technotronic

15. Livin' on a prayer – Bon Jovi

16. LaBamba – Los Lobos

17. Kids in America – Kim Wilde

18. I Wanna Dance with Somebody – Whitney Houston

19. Every Breath You Take – The Police

20. Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

21. Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

22. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham!

23. What’s Love Got to Do With It – Tina Turner

34. We Got the Beat – The Go-Go's

35. Don’t Stop Believin' – Journey

36. Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes

37. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

What 80's songs would you add to the playlist?

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