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Don’t Miss These 3 Fun Things to Do at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail

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Whether you are visiting to see the Walt Disney World for the 50th Celebration or just spending time at the most magical place on earth, don’t miss these fun things to do while visiting Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Presented by OFF!® Repellents at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

One of our most favorite things to do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is to become Wilderness Explorers and work through the field guide.

Four children in safari hats going to visit Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Presented by OFF!® Repellents at Disney's Animal Kingdom

As a Wilderness Explorer, you can learn so much about the environment, other cultures, animals, and conservation in your own backyard! One of our favorite trails to take is Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Presented by OFF® Repellents.

There is so much to see and do on the trail! Of course you get to see gorillas, but you also get to learn about mosquitos, see meerkats, watch birds, and learn more about animals in Africa. Wilderness Explorers can also earn badges!

3 Things to Do on Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom

1. Find Your Troop Leader

Being a Wilderness Explorer means being a “friend to all, be it plants or fish or tiny mole.”

Find your badge location using the map in the Wilderness Explorers Handbook and follow the instructions on each page to complete the activity.

Your Troop Leader will be wearing their Wilderness Explorer uniform and will have everything you need to earn your badge!

On Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, Wilderness Explorers can earn their:

  • Hiking Badge
  • HAM Radio Badge
  • Tracking Badge
  • African Culture Badge
  • Gorilla Badge

It’s so much fun AND educational!

2. Learn About Mosquitos

Did you know there are over 3,500 species of mosquitos? Me either!

Mosquitos are polinators just like bees and butterflies! Their primary source of food is nectar, not blood. It’s only when female mosquitos lay eggs that she seeks a blood for the protein. Male mosquitos feed only on flower nectar and never bite!

You can learn more about the importance of the mosquito in the natural environment at Gorilla Valley Research Center, presented by OFF!® 

3. Watch the Newest Baby Gorilla Explore the World

Have you ever watched a baby gorilla explore their world? It’s the cutest!

Ada (pronounced AH-duh) was born in July and can be seen with her mom Azizi onstage at Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail presented by OFF! Repellents. The name comes from the Igbo people in Nigeria and can be translated to mean “first daughter.” As Ada is Azizi’s first daughter after two sons, the name is very fitting.

Corey, Ada’s brother, is hilarious. He’s quite the mischievous one and is sure to bring a laugh. Expect him to show his baby sister the ropes soon enough.

While you’re at Walt Disney World celebrating the 50th Anniversary, make sure to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and join in celebrating Ada’s arrival by visiting Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail presented by OFF! Repellents. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of Azizi and Ada as mother and daughter continue to nurse and bond!

Three Ways to Explore at Home

After visiting Walt Disney World Resort and learning all about what Disney Conservation is doing to make the world a better place, it’s time to take what we learned at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and bring it home.

1. Create a Disney-Inspired Garden in Your own Backyard

Think about what you learned about at Walt Disney World. Maybe you learned something new while earning Wilderness Explorer Badges and you want to create a polinator garden to help feed the bees, butterflies, and even mosquitos. You can even take a page from Living with the Land and create a garden where you can grow your own food.

2. Explore Your Neighborhood

You can learn about animals in your own state and area just by walking out your front door or looking out the window.

Look for animal tracks on your walk around the neighborhood and see which ones look familiar. Take pictures and look up the ones you aren’t sure about.

3. Have an Outdoor Movie Night

We love a good movie night and were excited that we have the perfect spot outside to project movies. What did we watch first?

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom on Disney+ of course!

When you’re outside exploring, make sure to grab your bottle of OFF!® Repellent! With one of the largest privately-owned urban entomology research centers in the world, the SC Johnson Institute of Insect Science for Family Health, OFF!® creates DEET, picaridin and plant-based products that repel mosquitoes so families can have a trusted line of protection for every outdoor occasion from the backyard to the backwoods. 

OFF! has your family covered.

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