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Have a Less Stressful Easter with These NonFood Easter Basket Ideas

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One of the most fun and memorable parts of Spring is Easter. You gather with family and friends while the kids run around the yard with Easter baskets full of treats to hunt for hidden eggs. We want the kids Easter baskets to be fun and full of lots of great stuff they love, but sometimes it’s a little overwhelming to know what to include.

Do you fill it with toys?

Throw in a stuffed animal?

A book?

Is that too much?

How many eggs are too many?

Do you just fill them with candy?

No parent wants to have a basket full of sugar to keep their kids jumping off the walls for days. At the same time, no parent wants to put together a boring basket either.

The struggle is real!

What about those pre-made Easter baskets?

Putting together an Easter basket of your own, while it may seem daunting, is not difficult. Plus, by filling it yourself, you can match the personality of your child!

What to Put in Easter Baskets

First, we have to start with the basket.

The MONOBLANKS Canvas Easter Basket is available in both blue and pink. It features the outline for a bunny with a fluffy tail.

The Vintiquise Oval Willow Basket is a simple basket that can easily be repurposed after Easter. This will make a good storage basket or for your little one to carry their baby doll in.

If you enjoy personalized items, this Miles Kimball Personalized Easter Basket is absolutely adorable. It features a 3D bunny that appears to be carrying the basket. The embroidered name will make this a very unique basket that your little one will love to see was created just for them.

Next, decide if you want a filler in the basket.

You may want to use some type of grass or soft filler to help keep the eggs they hunt from breaking if you are using real eggs and having an Easter Egg Hunt. I have never used filler, but it does help your baskets look fuller and give a more polished look. Just call me simple, or lazy. Really, I just didn’t want anything extra to clean up.

You can purchase a bag of grass, edible Easter grass, or use shredded paper.


Non-Food Ideas for Easter Baskets

Now is the FUN part!

You can fill the basket with anything you’d like.

Here are some fun ideas that you may enjoy:

There are no limits to what you can put into the Easter basket.

Think about your child’s personality and what they would enjoy. If they are artistic, gear their basket towards that and include markers, drawing books or paints. Are they athletic? Fill their basket with balls, games or athletic wear. Enjoy dress up? Then fill their basket with play shoes, jewelry, and a fancy dress or accessories.

Don’t overthink it, just have fun and create something fun that your child will enjoy.

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