It’s Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas

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For those who still have gifts to buy, it's not too late! Here are some last minute gift ideas that are sure to be loved.

Christmas Day is almost here!!

Are you ready?

Me either.

Almost but not quite.

While I am thankful for Amazon Prime, they don't carry everything. I know that's hard to believe.

Here are some great gift ideas and how to package them. I am including affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Last Minute Gift Ideas They Are Sure to Love

Silhouette Art from Minted

Minted Cameo Collage

It's too late to get the actual prints delivered for Christmas, but you will receive a proof that you can print out and wrap for under the tree. Once the busyness of the holidays are over, the Personalized Silhouette Art will arrive and the recipient will be overjoyed by your thoughtfulness all over again!

Stitch FixIt's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 1 Gift Card

Stitch Fix Gift Card Personal Stylist Subscription

Whether you need a gift for your sister, mom, friend, grandma, aunt, co-worker, or babysitter, Stitch FixIt's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 1 has you covered. With Stitch FixIt's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 1, clothing (affiliate link) and accessories {including SHOES} are hand-selected by a personal stylist and delivered straight to your door.

No shopping at the dreaded mall. No trying to figure out what matches what or what is in style. Your personal stylist does it for you!

Plus Stitch FixIt's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 1 has a super cute stylish tutorial on how to fold your gift card envelope!

Homemade Body Butter

Body Balm Lotion

Choose from five different lotion recipes or create your own using the base recipe. This body butter is best used at night. They will appreciate the handmade touch, and you can make a little extra for yourself!

Homemade Body Scrub

homemade body scrub

Everyone needs to pamper themselves from time to time. Body scrubs are a great way to do just that. Here are 30 homemade body scrub recipes for you to choose just the right one for your special someone.

Erin Condren Planner

Erin Condren Life Planner

Everyone needs a planner. I have three. They all serve different purposes. I love how colorful and customizable features of the EC Planner. Buy a gift card. Print a picture of the Erin Condren (affiliate link) Planner. Wrap it in the biggest box so they have something to open.

They will love it!

Gift cards

It's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 5

Gift cards are the gift that gives throughout the year. They are seriously the BEST. I love being able to pair gift cards with end of the season sales to make the gift card stretch a bit.
If after all this you're still leaning towards Amazon, that's okay. Amazon Gift CardsIt's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 6 are great too.

Need another way to wrap your gift card?

This Festive Felt Gift Card Envelope is ADORABLE!!

Wrap the gift card in the yarn so it looks like a ball of yarn.

Put a coffee shop gift card in a coffee mug.

It's not too late. Breathe. You can do this with a cheerful heart, a smile on your face, and a little creativity.

Thoughtful Gifts for After Christmas Day

If you're like us, sometimes you end up celebrating Christmas AFTER Christmas Day. That is perfect if you actually want to give a physical gift without stepping foot in a store. These are great if you need last-minute Christmas gift ideas even after Christmas.

Olive Wood Serving Spoons from Kenya

Olive Wood Serving Spoons from Gliftly

This gorgeous olive wood server set has been hand-carved in Kenya from fallen trees. They are rubbed with sunflower oil to bring out their rich color and preserve their natural beauty. The products found on Gliftly are carefully chosen not just for beauty and function but for the story they tell. Many of their products are organic, natural, artisan and fair trade.

My favorite kind of store!

Mason Jar Soy & Beeswax Candles

Erin's Faces Orange Clove

Erin's Faces Mason Jar candles

These candles are free of everything you want them to be and smell like everything you imagined they would. These candles are 100% Natural Soy/Beeswax – Origin USA. Have a lead-free natural cotton wick with its origin in the USA.

They use concentrated phthalate-free fragrance oil that also originated in the USA. They have a burn time of about 50+ hours and are packaged in an adorable 11 oz Glass Mason Jar. The orange clove candle smells of Valencia oranges, cloves, chili pepper, bergamot, and cassis – a beautiful pomander. Yum.

It's Not Too Late: Last Minute Gift Ideas 7

Since you don't need your gift by Christmas Day, I would also check over the Completely Custom Art Prints over at again. I LOVE the silhouettes of course. The House Portraits would be amazing with pictures of all the houses you have lived in grouped together. The Drawings are super cute too. My children are getting to the age where their pictures are more than just scribbles. I really want to add Your Drawing As An Art Print to our Gallery Wall.

I hope you found this list helpful as you finish up your shopping. Remember, these also make GREAT birthday and other holiday gifts too!!

What is your favorite last minute gift idea?

Please share below in the comments!

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