How to Clean The House With A Baby With These 4 Simple Tips

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Struggling to clean the house with a newborn in the house? Don't miss these four simple tips on how to clean the house with a baby.

Some parents struggle to find time to clean when there's a new baby in the home. Let's face it, a newborn requires a lot of attention. And keeping the house clean with the added responsibility can be hard to do.

These tips for cleaning with a baby will help make this process easier so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a clean house, and time with the baby, at least most days.

how to clean the house with a baby

Even if your baby is easy now, as time progresses, you may find that cleaning with a baby in the home gets more difficult. While these tips are super helpful for the baby months, they will also help you get through every stage of childhood with a cleaner house.

The first thing worth noting here is to give yourself a bit of grace, parenting can be exhausting. With that said, know that it is totally fine NOT to have a clean house some of the time. 

Keeping a clean house can be a bit intimidating when you have a little one in need of your attention.

But, having a clean house is completely doable, just follow these tips to get it done.

4 Tips on How to Clean The House With A Baby For New Parents

Cleaning Crew

You know how they say “teamwork makes the dream work”. Well, cleaning can be your baby's introduction to the team! This will make how to clean the house with a baby much easier when they leave the routine.

What you do, baby does! 

This simply means bringing the baby along! 

Cleaning the bathroom, yup, the baby comes too.

Wherever you go, bring the baby with you so that they can see what you are doing.

Bring the baby's activity seat into different rooms so they can play and watch while you clean. If it helps, you can always wear the baby in a baby sling or carrier as well. This was the only way I got to clean when my children were babies. Baby wearing was the key to how to clean the house with a baby for me.

How to Clean The House With A Baby With These 4 Simple Tips 1

Why clean with the baby this way?

It actually helps babies when you bring them with you. Usually, all a baby wants to do is to be close to you. 

Plus, if you decide to baby-wear while cleaning, there are added benefits to the baby. There has been so much research showing that the movement of the mom’s body while the baby is being held helps to calm them.

If you are cleaning with chemicals and not simply straightening up the house, make sure you are not baby-wearing and that the baby isn’t sitting too close.

It may even be a good time to invest in more eco-friendly, and baby-safe, cleaning products.

Baby Safe Cleaning Products

Don't miss these tips on how to clean the house with a baby using cleaning products that are safe for the baby and you.

Laundry Detergent

Select a non-fragrant, (affiliate link) all-natural laundry detergent to use when washing your clothes and your baby's clothes.

Dryer Sheets 

While you shouldn't use dryer sheets with the baby's laundry, you can with yours. However, you should still be careful with what you use.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

If you are shocked by the strength of your toilet bowl cleaner smell, think about the effect on your baby. Selecting natural alternatives, even the use of essential oils in cleaning can be an alternative.

All-Purpose Cleaner 

There are many all-purpose cleaner options that are safe for the baby without any bad chemicals added. Those that are free of bleach and other harsh chemical additives.

Another thing worth noting for cleaning with a baby whether there are harsh chemicals around or not, is making sure the area is well-ventilated.

Bringing a baby with you is the most effective tip for cleaning the house beyond waiting until nap time. 

Set Up Designated Tidy Time

Once you get a nice grip on your baby’s schedule, you can make a schedule for yourself to get things done, including cleaning the house. This means scheduling your tidy time during a time when the baby is sleeping or in their best mood.

Planning out these times can be beneficial for mom and baby, and it establishes a routine for both of you.

The baby will learn what to expect and this time allows the baby to explore independent play. 

How to Clean The House With A Baby With These 4 Simple Tips 2

While it may not be the alone time that you need, planning out this cleaning time also gives you time to get things done that you need to get done.

It is important that this ‘plan’ is loose and not set in stone. Making it adjustable to the baby's schedule and ready to be modified as they change and develop, which happens fast. This will make how to clean the house with a baby easier.

Scrubbing Singing Serenade

If your baby starts getting fussy halfway through your cleaning time, you can start entertaining. 

During this time, you can belt out some tunes while scrubbing the dishes or cleaning the floor. This entertaining show doesn’t stop at singing either. 

Do you like dancing? Well in addition to being good exercise, that can be quite entertaining to your baby, yielding laughs and giggles.

How to Clean The House With A Baby With These 4 Simple Tips 3

If you feel a little awkward singing and dancing, try talking to your baby first. 

Simply allowing your little one to hear your voice while cleaning lets them know that you are present with them. It helps them know that they are not alone and that you didn’t completely leave them.


Speaking of distracting the baby by singing and dancing, there are other distractions you can use as you clean the house with a baby.

Screen time with kids can be quite controversial. However, having guidelines for screen time is what is important.

If you happen to need to get something done and it isn't going to take a long time, you might want to turn on a short show for the baby.

Educational or singing shows can be a really good distraction for the baby to give you small bursts of time.

Consider selecting a show that contains nursery rhymes if your baby is still rather young. That way, the baby can play in a seat while also hearing fun songs.

How to Clean The House With A Baby With These 4 Simple Tips 4

Then, when you're finished doing what you need to do, you can sing along and join in for added bonding.

The Biggest Rule For How To Clean House With Baby

Sometimes cleaning just won’t happen for the day. 

Your little one will more than likely have fussy days, sick days, or days that they are just in need of more attention. In these times, embrace it and know that cleaning will be done at another time.

Remind yourself that you are doing your best and be okay with knowing that. If needed try to tidy up before bed to help you feel better.

What are your favorite tips for how to clean the house with a baby?

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