Disneyland for Adults: A Grown-Up’s Guide to Disney Magic

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Here's a quick grown-up's guide to Disneyland for adults to show you just how fun it is. You must be “this” tall to continue.

Disneyland for Adults: A Grown-Up's Guide to Disney Magic 1

We've all seen those “I'm tired of adulting” Disneyland tees. Sometimes we feel like kidding-out on our favorite Disney attractions once in awhile. However, most of the time, I like being a grown-up at Disneyland.

Who says there's no fun at Disneyland for adults? There are plenty of reasons to go to Disneyland and keep on adulting.

Disneyland for Adults

Relaxing at Disneyland

First off. Nobody does luxury quite like Disney. They take everything we love about being pampered and relaxed, then they put a Disney spin on it.

Like, storytelling at a spa. Disney Spas are beginning to transform with a Disney twist. Tenaya Stone Spa is inspired by indigenous American cultures furthers the thematic elements revealed throughout The Grand Californian hotel. The word Tenaya means “to dream” and that's exactly what their spa will feel like.

Childless Millennials at Disney

You don't have to spend too much to have a relaxing time at Disneyland for adults. You could just enjoy the beautiful pools and the secluded terraces surrounded by tropical palm trees and manicured lawns.

At the Disneyland Hotel, you can pick up a Dole Whip spiked with rum at the coffee house and enjoy it among the lush greenery.

The Disneyland Hotel and the Grand Californian are both 4 Diamond hotels that offer plenty of amenities. The surroundings are rich and comfortable, from the tower lobbies to their table service restaurants like the Napa Rose and Steakhouse 55.

The lobbies at the Disneyland Hotel are especially intriguing as they feel like museum exhibits dedicated to a specific themed area of Disneyland.

You can admire Jungle Cruise maquettes and paintings in the Adventureland Tower, or see an old model of Frontierland the way it used to be.

Food and Beverage at Disneyland For Adults

Although kids are welcome everywhere at Disneyland, there are some places the grown-ups just prefer.

Carthay Circle Restaurant in Disney's California Adventure is one. The fine dining there is superb. There is also a lounge on the first floor which is the best place to enjoy an adult beverage in the park.

Oga's Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opened the door to serving alcohol at Disneyland, the first Disney park and the last one to remain dry.

If you are interested in Disney history, a lot of it can be experienced through dining venues. For example, you can visit Walt Disney's balcony seat in the Golden Horseshoe, or have espresso made from his personal espresso machine at Cafe Orleans. At Carnation Cafe, you can indulge in Walt's favorite chili.

Disney for Adults

Another restaurant in Disneyland that adults will get the best experience from is the Blue Bayou.

The dark romantic atmosphere and elevated cuisine make for a terrific Grown-up lunch, particularly at the height of the afternoon when the crowds have reached their peak. As an adult wandering New Orleans Square after your meal, you may take more of an interest in the shop Cristal d'Orleans for some etched glassware and crystal trinkets.

Check the calendar for Festivals like Lunar New Year Festival and Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival for fun food selections.

Play Like a Grown Up

One thing adults can take advantage of to save time is the single rider option on a lot of the top attractions.

The downside is that you can't ride with your party. The upside is that you get through a lot quicker by skipping portions of the line. All “Single Rider” means is that they use you to fill in available spots on a vehicle, so they can maximize capacity and keep groups of people together.

Disneyland for Adults

Another excellent way to increase your efficiency (so adult) is to add Maxpass to your park tickets. That lets you secure Fastpasses on your mobile device without having to go to a physical location for a printed ticket.

MaxPass is an additional $20 for each ticket, and it comes with PhotoPass included. Get as many photos of your “Disneyland for Adults” vacation as you can!

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