Wednesday Hodgepodge

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This sounded like fun so I thought I'd join along! I love making new friends! Welcome!!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, Joyce hosts a link up every Wednesday where she asks several questions for people to answer and then they go back and link up their blog post with their answers!Wednesday Hodgepodge 1

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Three things on your spring bucket list? If you don't have an actual list that's fine, pretend you do.

I actually wrote 100 things to add to your Spring Bucket List because I am going to be intentional this year. At least that's what I told myself. We did go the zoo. We also collected rocks. Although we still have to paint those. I still want to go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. Oh! And have a camp out in the living room. Maybe with a blanket fort this time around instead of bringing out the tent. LOL

2. Where do you find rest? What restores your soul? When was the last time you did whatever it was you answered here?

In my time with the Lord. His Word restores my soul. If I'm completely honest, it's been awhile since I've had uninterrupted quiet time. It's usually on the go or super quick since the unemployment started.

3. April is National Celery Month. Who knew? Do you like celery? What's your favorite dish made with celery? On a veggie and dip platter, which would you reach for first-carrot sticks, celery sticks, cucumbers or cherry tomatoes?

I had no idea! I do like celery. I always forget I do though. Isn't that funny. First celery, then cucumbers, after that, carrots. NEVER cherry tomatoes. Blah.

4. I read here eight things to do before 8 am to make your day less hectic-Start one load of laundry, drink water, empty the dishwasher, read your Bible, know what you're having for dinner, get dressed, brain dump (two lists-one what you're thankful for and one what's weighing on your mind), and after the brain dump make your to-list for the day

How many of these are you currently doing? Which one do you think would help the most if you added it to your early morning routine?

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's amazing the difference these 8 things can make in your attitude and productivity. The laundry and dishwasher are huge. Knowing what's for dinner helps lessen the stress around dinner time. You can already have the meat thawed or veggies prepped. Drinking water is super important, although I tend to drink coffee instead. Oops! Getting dressed makes a HUGE difference in my confidence level. Doing a brain dump is super helpful, even the night before. The most important and probably most overlooked though is reading the Bible.

5. Describe the view from your window.

I can see the Rocky Mountains. They are beautiful, covered in snow.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

This was so much fun. Thanks for letting me join in!

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  1. I’m so happy you joined the link up today! I find if I don’t plan dinner early in the day it doesn’t go well. That late afternoon is not my best time of day : ) I love to prep as much as I can early in the day, and definitely have a plan for what’s on the menu! How lucky you are to have that view! My dad grew up on a farm outside of Denver and we loved visiting my grandparents there when I was growing up. You have a pretty blog.

  2. Aww, a daily view of the Rocky’s would definitely be on my bucket list. Good to have you join us on the Hodgepodge today.

  3. This was the year I was determined to get rid of the clutter. So far it hasn’t happened! We have been buying heirloom cherry tomatoes and they are so good. On the weekend my husband will work outside all day and shower later. I find that I can not be productive in the house until I have showered. Awesome view!

  4. I’m so glad that you joined up and did the Hodgepodge because it gave me a chance to meet you. I think that time spent with God tops everything. If we start our day with Him then all else goes right with our day. A view of the Rockies must be beautiful.

  5. Welcome! Like you, I recently moved from the South (Alabama) out to the Denver metro area. I’m enjoying it, but it’s a big adjustment. Enjoyed your hodgepodge.

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