Create a Simple Capsule Wardrobe in  5 Easy Steps

By: Whitney Cornelison | Simplifying Family

"She who buys what she does not need steals from herself." – Swedish Proverb

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A simple, capsule wardrobe can ensure that even the busiest of moms have time to pull together a look that is both classy and trendy.

Go Through Your Closet


Evaluate what’s already in your closet. Remove what doesn’t fit, is no longer trendy, and what you won’t wear again.

Make 3 Piles When Going Through Your Closet

1. Keep Pile

2. Maybe Pile

3. No Pile

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These are the clothes that are your go-to items. Clothes you truly love and have worn in the last 2-3 months.


These clothes are typically worn a few times a year, are bold statement pieces that are not versatile, or the fit and color might not be your body type.


This pile is for clothes you do not feel confident in, are too tight, feel weird, or constantly have you tugging and readjusting.

Write Down What’s Needed


You may find that there are some essentials that need to be replaced. Make a list of any and all items that you think you’ll need.

Invest in Essential Pieces


Focus your time and money on staple clothing pieces. They will help create the flexibility that you need in your closet.

Stay True to the Less-Is-More Mantra


It’s easy to get swept up in sales and discounts. They tend to make you spend more on something you normally would not have purchased.

learn how to mix up your wardrobe


Having the clothes is great but knowing how to style them can make the difference between a good wardrobe and a great one.

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