The Best Way to Keep Kids Busy at Disneyland

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Are you planning a family vacation to Disneyland soon?

I haven’t been since I was a little girl, but we are pretty big Disney fans at our house. Walt Disney World is one of our favorite vacation spots!

One of the hard things about visiting The Walt Disney World Resort is waiting. Whether it’s the bus pick-up or your favorite ride, you hurry up and wait. Adults understand this, but children can be a different story.

That’s why I’m so excited for Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper to share with us her {affiliate link} 2016 ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book. I told her that I’m tempted to cross out “land” and add “World” since we’re headed there for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend.

Here’s Danielle to tell you ALL about her 2016 ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph Book. YAY!!

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Guys, can I just tell you how thrilled I am to be sharing today on Whitney’s fabulous blog? I love her blog and am so grateful she’s letting me share my amazing news – I have a new book out, and it’s for DISNEYLAND!

The Best Way to Keep Kids Busy

I’m sure we have plenty of Disney fans here, right? Well, I’ve been hard at work on this and hope that y’all are just as in love with this ‘Unofficial’ Disneyland Activity & Autograph book as I am!

Ready to check it out?

Nothing gets me more irritated at Disneyland than long lines with kids. The constant ‘how much longer?’ or them getting restless and bumping into everyone around them. Luckily they can be happily occupied with the many pages of activities, games, color by numbers and trivia in our new book.

I never did like those autograph books that had a fancy cover, then a bunch of blank pages inside. Boring – who wants to keep that?!

2016 Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph book by BusyMomsHelper Facebook 8What Does it Include?

What’s Inside:

  • Activities, Games and Coloring Pages
  • Over 20 Autograph Pages for your favorite characters
  • Ride Lists for each ‘land’, plus height requirements
  • Scavenger Hunts – one for Disneyland and one for California Adventure
  • Questions and fill-in-the-blanks to really personalize your book & keep it as a wonderful memory
  • Quotes & Sayings from popular Disney movies
  • Joke & Riddles
  • and Much More!

We’ve got over 20 pages of creatively designed autograph spots – from the classic characters and princesses, to Star Wars and Superheroes. When we had Donald Duck sign his ‘#1 Duck’ page, he was stoked and walked around showing others in line!

I love keeping memories alive from our Disneyland vacations, so there’s plenty of journaling areas and spots designated for exactly that – recording your memories. There’s even a handprint page, to remember how big or small your kiddo was during that specific trip!

We’re anxiously awaiting our next family vacation to Disneyland – since we went a few months ago I have no clue when the next one will be – but I’ve already bookmarked Whitney’s list of Disney Songs for Running. I may not be a runner, but how fun would it be to play these while you’re traveling or hurrying the kids along to the next ride?!

The Best Way to Keep Kids Busy

Two Versions

For YOUR next trip, be sure to nab either our PDF version of the book that you can download and print yourself, or get it fully printed (size 6×9 so it’s super easy to carry around) with a nice, shiny cover.

The choice is yours!

2016 Unofficial Disneyland Activity & Autograph book by BusyMomsHelper Facebook 9

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