How to Create a Coffee Bar Your Out-of-Town Guests Will Love

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Love coffee but not the price of coffee shops? Here’s how to create a coffee bar at home! It’s not as hard as you might think.

You’ve been there.

Something wakes you up while you are staying at a friend’s house. Try as you might, you can’t fall back asleep.

You go to the kitchen hoping to easily find everything you need for your first cup of coffee, but alas, only the coffee pot stares back at you mockingly. Although they said, “Make yourself at home,” there is something awkward about rummaging through cabinets quietly hoping not to wake the whole house.

So you grab a cup of…


and head back to bed. While the coffee pot laughs with each defeated step.

How to Create a Coffee Bar

This doesn’t have to be your story.

With a few easy tweaks, your guests can truly feel at home in your house. They can readily find everything they need for the sustenance of life which is coffee. No more rummaging through cabinets and waking the baby. No more startling awake thinking that a burglar has invaded your house when in reality, it’s Great Aunt Martha just trying to fix a pot of coffee.

The Ninja Coffee Bar® System will transform your countertop into the best, most affordable, coffee shop in town. You can meet the barista in your pajamas and no one will call the police. 


To create your coffee bar at home, you only need a few simple ingredients. Most of them are probably sitting in your pantry right now! All it takes is a little creativity and you’ll be all set. You’re going to love this coffee bar must have checklist to make sure you have everything you need!

Coffee Bar Must Have Checklist

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1. First, you need a coffee pot.

This can be a coffee pot or espresso machine. Even a Keurig or a French Press. Something that will make the coffee.

2. Coffee Grinder

When I’m not using K-cups, I like buying whole beans to grind at home. They just taste better to me.

3. Tray

Tiny, big, it doesn’t matter. It needs to hold a few cups so cups are easily accessible to your guests and they won’t have to rummage through your cabinets.

How to Create a Coffee Bar at home Coffee Tray with mug and cow creamer

4. Sugar Container

Set out the sugar in a cute little sugar dish with a spoon nearby. You can also make a simple syrup for guests to add to their coffee.

Make sure to ask if your guests have a sweetener preference or a dietary restriction. Sometimes it can be awkward for a guest to bring something like that up so take the lead and ask!

5. Creamer Container

The cream can be placed in a creamer dish in the fridge that is visible. We use a cute little cow. She’s pretty adorable.

6. Coffee

Don’t forget to set out the coffee! You can set out the bag or place the ground coffee in an airtight container. If you buy whole beans, make sure to grind the coffee the night before.


7. Milk Frother

Whether this is one that heats up milk or a battery-powered tiny whisk, milk frothers help to elevate coffee at home. It’s great for hot chocolate too!


8. Coffee Bar Additions

Now for the add-ins. While some guests enjoy their coffee black, others (like me!) like a few extras.

Your coffee add-ins can include:

  • peppermint candy sticks
  • hot chocolate
  • sugar
  • flavored creamer
  • half and half
  • red hots
  • whipped cream
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • caramel syrup
  • caramel sauce
  • chocolate sauce
  • vanilla syrup

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  1. I love this idea! I will be having out of town guests over Christmas and will have to try this!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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