Beat Summer Brain Drain with Just 15 Minutes a Day

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Beat Summer Brain Drain with Just 15 Minutes a Day

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carson-Dellosa. I reviewed the free content on their website to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was the first day of school and everyone was settled into their seats. Our teacher passed out a blank Bingo board to each student and stood in the front of the class. The instructions were to have each person write their name in a square. A fun “get to know you” game to ease our way into the new school year.

But I had spent the Summer playing. Probably messing with my brother. Visiting family definitely. With the paper and pencil in hand, everyone stood up. The first person handed me their paper and I panicked.

How do I write my name?!

It was like a death sentence. I was mortified. How could I forget how to write my own name?! It was my name! The name that I had been given 7 years prior to this moment. I knew how to say it. I know that my name was Whitney. But for the life of me, I could not remember how to form the letters to spell it out.

Based on a survey conducted by Carson-Dellosa, I wasn't alone. Nearly 84% of teachers said that students forget some of the skills, and grade-level equivalency during the Summer. 84%! That is why so much of the first part of school was always a review of what we learned the year before.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Carson-Dellosa helps your child beat Summer brain drain by offering challenging activities to help practice skills that were learned during the school year. Plus it's FREE.

Beat Summer Brain Drain with Just 15 Minutes a Day Coloring-2

With just 15 minutes a day, the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities website helps stop the summer learning loss for a better school year when classes resume. You can sign up for fun educational games, sample books, printable worksheets, and activities you can use all summer long to help stop Summer brain drain. Did I mention that it's FREE?

We found that the perfect time for these activities with my daughter was during the hottest part of the day. Instead of turning on the television or breaking out the iPad to watch something mindless, we headed to the Carson-Dellosa Summer Learning Activities site to play fun educational games and print out worksheets.

Beat Summer Brain Drain with Just 15 Minutes a Day CD-2

Her favorite activities were the “secret message” worksheets. They allowed her to practice coloring in the lines, be creative in her color choices, practice writing her letters, and put her thinking cap on to decode the message. She LOVED them.

It's a teacher's dream! There are over 900 printable and reproducible activities to choose from that can be tailored to your child's grade level. We even did a few of the First Grade activities to see where she was academically.

Keep it fun.

While “school” can be blah and boring, Carson-Dellosa makes it fun. Hands-on activity have been great. We have recently been learning about butterflies so I printed off all of the butterfly activities. It was our very own unit study on butterflies. All the kids enjoyed it.

If you are concerned that your child will succumb to Summer brain drain, I recommend checking out the resources on the Carson-Dellosa Learning Activities website. We all want to make sure our children return to school prepared to tackle another new school year.

Carson-Dellosa helps make that happen.

You can follow Carson-Dellosa on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about their educational products.

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