Organization and Simplification for the Busy Mom

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Do you struggle with organization?

Are you longing for margin in your life so you can breathe? Maybe you’re overwhelmed but can’t quite put your finger on why. But maybe it’s not that at all. Maybe you thrive on being busy, but you are wearing so many hats, you can’t quite keep up with everything and do it well.

I’ll admit, I’m a planner addict. I like to see what’s out there. I need to touch and feel everything, using it for several weeks to know if it will really work for me and my family.

Recently, I was cleaning out boxes from our move that have been sitting in the garage since May. Do you know what I found? Seven planners that were only half-used.


I was shocked and slightly embarrassed. I have a planner problem.

It wasn’t that I didn’t use them. I liked them all, but I only used certain sections of each one. But the reality is that I can’t carry around 7 planners everywhere I go.

Since they were in the garage, and had been for months, that meant that I was actually using something else.

For awhile, I used a printed calendar that I would print for each month. That works great at home, but it got messed up and lost when I would take it with us anywhere.

After going through several different planners and calendars, I finally found one that worked for us!

At first I used it as a blogging calendar, but now I use it as both my editorial calendar and personal planner. It helps me figure out what are the most important items on my to-do list so I can tackle those each day and not feel defeated that I didn’t finish everything.

Whether you struggle with organization or are just trying to get everyone organized so you can breathe, these items will help. They are organization and simplification for the busy mom. Affiliate links have been used.

Is that you?

I think you will love the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. While you’re there, check out the adorable pineapple paperclips. They are my favorite. I will soon be adding the magazine box and meal notebook to my “Need to Buy” list.

Organization and Simplification for the Busy Mom


1. 2017 Calendar Daily Simplified Planner, Fancy Floral – $58.00
This is the one I have and it’s gorgeous in real life. It’s just happy.


2. 2017 Calendar Daily Simplified Planner, Fuchsia Dot – $58.00


3. 2017 Calendar Daily Simplified Planner, Happy Stripe – $58.00


4. 2017 Calendar Daily Simplified Planner, Gold Pineapple – $58.00


5. Dapperdesk 2017 Leather Planner – $75.00


6. Weekly Simplified Planner, Navy – $40.00


7. Weekly Simplified Planner, Fuchsia – $40.00


8. Weekly Simplified Planner, Turquoise – $40.00


9. Weekly Simplified Planner, White – $40.00


10. The Home Based Binder Kit – $48.00


11. Meal Plan Notepad – $10.00


12. Grocery List Notepad – $10.00


13. Magazine Box, Mint Dot – $18.00


14. Magazine Box, Navy Stripe – $18.00


15. To Do Notepad – $10.00


16. Little One’s Day Notepad – $10.00


17. Babysitter Notepad – $10.00


18. From Mom Notepad – $10.00


19. Great Day Notepad – $10.00


20. Thank You Notes Notepad – $10.00


21. Memory Box, Mint Dot – $18.00


22. Memory Box, Navy Stripes – $18.00


23. Heart Paper Clips – $12.00


24. Pineapple Paper Clips – $12.00


25. Coffee Cup Paper Clips – $12.00

Doesn’t it all look amazing?! Which is your favorite? What is your biggest struggle with organization?

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  1. Oh my goodness, that navy stripe magazine box is SO adorable! Love it! Also those paperclips are just fantastic! I love all of them…I don’t think I’d be able to choose which, LOL.

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