Father’s Day Free Printable: My Dad the Superhero

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My Dad the Superhero FREE Printable

My Daddy is my superhero.

He survived a war and overcame adversity. He doesn't talk much about that war, but as a medic, he was a hero to many I'm sure. Maybe he's not fighting crime on a daily basis, but he's my hero.

In much the same way, my husband is a superhero to my children. When he comes home from work, they run to him, jumping up and down, so excited to see him. He can calm the fear and tears in an instant. He works hard to provide for our family, working many hours and long days.

When Daddy is home, all is right in the world.

Father's Day Free Printable

Celebrate the Daddy in your life, and enjoy some laughs, by having your children {or grandchildren} fill this out. It's sure to make him smile.

My Dad the Superhero Printable

My Dad the Superhero


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