7 Indoor Activities for Kids


Whitney Cornelison

An Easy Sewing Craft

Pull out the fabric scraps, needle, and thread to sew doll clothes or learn how to stitch. My oldest loves to stitch up stuffies when they get a tear.

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Have an Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Indoor scavenger hunts for kids are perfect for kids to do at any age. Whether they are 4 or 13, even the adults will have fun. There’s something for everyone.

See Which One Flies the Farthest. Experiment with different materials to see who can build the paper airplane that flies the farthest.

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Make Paper Airplanes

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Make a Collage with Old Magazines

Give them a theme and have them find pictures that go with that theme.

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Build a Fort with Couch Cushions and Blanket

You can even have a sleepover in the living room with a blanket fort made with chairs.

Make Sock Puppets and Put on a Puppet Show

Use yarn for their hair, and add googly eyes or felt for their eyes. You can even use old t-shirts for extra fabric if you want.

Make Slime

Making Science Fun. Slime is a fun way to bring science alive. This Frozen slime recipe is a great science experiment to show how polymers work.

Have fun inside even when it's cold or rainy!

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