10 Things to get rid of today

By Whitney Cornelison

December 1, 2021

“Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.”

Christina Scalise



If you have clothes that don’t fit or that haven’t worn in the past year, add them to the get rid of pile.

Kitchen Gadgets


Are your kitchen drawers overflowing with gadgets? Counters cluttered? Add the extra tools and appliances you never use to the get rid of pile.



Mail, flyers, notes from teachers, bills, coupons, crafts, coloring pages, movie ticket stubs, receipts, scraps with notes scrawled on them. Sort and discard.

Expired Spices


Go to your spice rack and look at the dates on your bottles. What is the oldest date? It's probably time to replace some of them.

Board Games and Puzzles with Missing Pieces


Get rid of anything that is missing pieces, as well as anything you haven’t played in a while.

Unused Linens


Get rid of towels, blankets, sheets, and anything else you don't need. We always keep one extra set of sheets and blankets for the bed, but that's it.



If your mug collection is spilling out of the cabinets and onto the counter, it may be time to find new homes for those mugs.

Socks without a Mate


If you have lone socks missing their mate, it's time to throw them away, make sock puppets, or use them to dust.

Expired Medicine


Check the labels and make note of expired over-the-counter and prescription medicine. Please dispose of it responsibly. Ask your pharmacist for guidelines.

Donate Toys


Throw away broken toys and consider donating ones that are no longer played with. We have a keepsake box of special toys and donate the others.