At Home Date Night Ideas

"Date someone who is home and an adventure all at once."

- Unknown

Lined Circle

Picnic and a Movie at Home

Set up a picnic in the living room and stream your favorite movie or television show. We love all things Disney+ but any streaming service would work!

Take An Online Cooking Class Together

This isn’t for everyone, but I think it would be fun. Put the kids in bed early and spend the evening in the Kitchen cooking together.

Dessert Date Night

Make your favorite dessert(s) together and eat it over a movie or conversation. Even sharing why this dessert is your favorite and if there are memories attached to the dessert.

Challenge Each Other to a Bake Off

Pick one dish and see who creates the best tasting dish and who has the best presentation.

Exercise Together

Find a cardio workout or a yoga class to do together. Remember not to take yourselves too seriously.

Tackle a DIY Project

Repaint the dining room. Wallpaper a hallway. Create a gallery wall. Tackle a DIY project you've been putting off.

Read a Book Together

Start a book club! Choose a book, read it, and discuss it over dinner at the end of the month.

Look at the Stars

Grab a blanket, the Stargaze app, and check out the stars you've been living under.

Work on a Puzzle Together

Choose a puzzle that compliments your decor and you could frame it! Set it up in a safe place away from hands, or paws, that could destroy the puzzle.

Make a Living List for the Next 10 Years

Use this time to sit down together and think about the things you both really want to do, together and as individuals in the next 10 years.

Fun Date Ideas When You Are Out of Ideas

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