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Are You Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

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Steps to help you and your family be prepared for a natural disaster occurs. Also includes 10 essential oils for your natural disaster kit.
Would you be ready if disaster struck your community? If you lost access to water and power because of a natural disaster, would you have the supplies ready to be able to survive until help arrived?

By all means, this post is not meant to scare anyone. It’s just something that I’ve been thinking about. As the manager of my home, I feel a responsibility to make sure my family is taken care of during an event of this nature. Ultimately, God is in control and He will take care of our basic needs. So I’m mulling over in my head, is it foolish of me to be prepared for something that might never happen or is it wise because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow? My husband and I traveled with our church to India in October 2011. Before we left, we made out a will so that if something happened to us while we were away from our children, they were taken care of. Nothing happened. Was that a waste of money?

Preparing For A Natural Disaster

For now, I am going with it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for a natural disaster (I would LOVE your input!). We live in uncertain times. And I am not going to suggest you take over your home with Disaster Preparedness Supplies. I do find that foolish. I want us to be prepared and not caught off guard if one day we find ourselves in the middle of a disaster zone.

Store your supplies in one location. After a disaster, you will be in shock. You don’t want to have to try and remember all the places where you stashed your supplies. You will be in survival mode. It may take hours or even days for emergency workers to get to where you are. You should have enough food, water, and other supplies to last you for at least 72 hours. Do you have enough food and water to feed your family for 72 hours? No? Me either. But again, this is NOT meant to scare you. I just want us to be prepared.

What will I pack in our family kit?

You can create your own family emergency kit, or purchase them online. Scroll down for 10 essential oils for your natural disaster kit.

  • one gallon of water per person for 3 days
  • 3 days supply of non-perishable food. (I need to learn how to can!)
  • Weather Radio
  • Battery powered radio (I am so spoiled with my phone. But if there is no electricity, I can’t charge my phone)
  • extra batteries for radios, flashlights
  • Whistle
  • We will need diapers and wipes for my young two children
  • trash bags and toilet paper (or moist towelettes)
  • dog food and water for our pup
  • First Aid Kit with bandages and Young Living (affiliate link) Essential Oils
  • Copies of important documents such as insurance policies, insurance cards, bank account information, passports, drivers license, social security cards, etc. in a waterproof bag/container
  • paper plates, cups, utensils
  • manual can opener
  • matches in a waterproof container
  • extra clothes
  • a couple of cans of Crisco and string to make a candle
  • cash, traveler’s cheques, or bank checks, and change
  • medications and supplements used regularly
  • personal care items

10 Essential Oils for Your Natural Disaster Kit

Did you see I would include Young Living (affiliate link) Essential Oils to my Kit? I can not imagine going through an emergency without my oils. Although there are SO many excellent oils I would want to pack, I’m going to try and narrow it down to 10 because space is limited. Young Living (affiliate link) Essential Oils are pure and unadulterated so they have no shelf life. They will be good to go when their time comes to shine.

1. Thieves Oil can be used to clean wounds, purify water, clean teeth (yes, sometimes I use it instead of toothpaste), insect bites, food poisoning, to help kill viruses and bacteria

2. Lavender can be used to help you relax and sleep during stressful situations, for insect bites, skin irritations, help cuts, and wounds heal, bruises, burns, muscle cramps, antiseptic

3. Peppermint for fevers, headaches, diarrhea, nausea, sore muscles, to keep you alert, mosquito repellent, help block pain from injuries

4. R.C. (or Lemongrass) to help treat MRSA/staph infections, sinus and respiratory issues

5. Purification to disinfect cuts, scrapes, insect bites such as bees, wasps, spiders, repels insects and can be used for ear infections

6. Helichrysum treats shock, stops excessive bleeding, heals wounds, bruised muscles, and broken bones

7. Palo Santo kills ticks, insect repellent, helps with pain

8. Wintergreen helps with broken bones, sore muscles, and inflammation

9. Frankincense for inflammation, shock, respiratory infection, healing of wounds, when in doubt, use Frankincense

10. Pan Away muscle pain, eases the pain of cuts and scrapes, soothes sore ligaments


What else would you add? Do you have an Emergency Kit? Where do you store it?

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Thursday 20th of May 2021

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