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Compassion International: Poverty

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Mumbai SlumWhen we finally arrived in India, traveling from the airport to our hotel, I will admit, I was struck with two things. The poverty and hopelessness. Make that three. And the smells.

The City


More than once, our taxi nearly missed the heads of families sleeping on the street. They were everywhere. We watched as children would squat on the side of the road to relieve themselves. Some children walked around with only shirts and shoes. Shacks with no running water. Families digging through the trash for remnants of food and trash to buy food. It was heart breaking.

The Village

ChildrenThen we traveled up the side of a mountain to a remote village. While there was poverty, it looked different. We were there to host a medical clinic because they didn’t have access to medical care. I worked in the pharmacy area passing out the medications the doctors prescribed. Most were the same. Vitamins, antacids (for calcium), and dewormers. So many of the aliments were vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Sweet Baby

Lunch consisted of a bowl of rice and one hard boiled egg.


And yet, there was a difference in the poverty.

After Church

The worship service with this village on Sunday morning was amazing. Sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. Crammed together like sardines. Arms raised, singing at the tops of their lungs, praising the Lord. There’s nothing like it. Tears rolling down my cheeks as I watched them worship with their whole beings. They filled the large building we were in and there were more people sitting outside desperate to learn more about Jesus. So beautiful.

Making a Difference


My husband and I then had an opportunity to travel to a different city to visit friends. We were introduced to an amazing group of women. They make handmade stationary and journals to support their families and improve their lives.

Ergon StationaryYou can learn more about these precious women and Ergon Handicrafts, here.

Just as these women are making a difference in their families, you too can make a difference in life of a child through Compassion International.


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