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Me Monday

Mondays won’t always be about me, that would be boring. But we all have a story to tell. God wrote each of our stories in a unique way so that we can help each other. We weren’t made to live alone. We were made to first and foremost worship our Lord, but we were also …

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Taking Captive Our Thoughts

Picking up yet another toy and finding yellow squash in the play kitchen, the dialogue of frustration begins. I am done for the day. And yet I have laundry in the dryer that will need to be folded and mostly put away (I don’t dare try to put the kid’s clothes away while they sleep) …

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Slap Yo’ Mama It’s So Good Vegetable Beef Soup

Friends, this is the best vegetable beef soup you will ever make. I’ve adapted this version from a recipe that a dear friend gave me. She brought us this soup after our son was born and I could have eaten the whole container by myself. Seriously. It’s that good. Ingredients   1 lb grass fed beef …

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