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A Letter to My Readers

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I wish we could go out for coffee somewhere and spend some time talking about life – our struggles, our triumphs, laugh about silly things, and just enjoy fellowship together. Unfortunately, time and distance make that impossible. But we do have this space. I pray that you find this little space of the internet a place of comfort and encouragement. Not everything I write is Pinterest or Facebook share-worthy, but it’s real and from the heart. We’re in this together.

As I plan out post for 2014 and figure out where they Lord is leading in regards to Beauty in the Mess, I would love your feedback. I don’t write just to write. I write to encourage you, to share what I’m learning, to show you a new craft I’ve been working on. But sometimes I come up short. I stare at a blank computer screen, wondering what in the world you want to read about.

Here’s your chance to help me out and provide valuable feedback. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts, read about your ideas, and I want you to share your heart. Beauty in the Mess isn’t all about me. It’s about us. But if I don’t hear from you, I’ll have to guess. It would be a whole lot easier if you would tell me what you like, what you don’t, and how we can change.

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