Fantastic Tips For Disney Junior Dance Party at Disney’s Hollywood Studios With Your Preschooler

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Considering visiting Walt Disney World? Don't miss these tips for visiting Hollywood Studios with Preschoolers, including Disney Junior Dance Party details.

Fantastic Tips For Disney Junior Dance Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios With Your Preschooler 1

With as many times as we've have visited Walt Disney World, I am often asked at least two questions by friends and family:

  1. Is it worth taking our preschooler to Walt Disney World even though they might not remember?
  2. Which Disney Parks should we visit with preschoolers?

For us, it's always been worth taking our toddlers and preschoolers to Walt Disney World even though they might not remember every single detail, you would be surprised at how much they remember. Plus, toddlers are free until they turn 3 years old!

As for which Disney Park is good for preschoolers? This question is slightly harder to answer. The easy answer is all of them. But if you are short on time, that's not always possible. Let's start with Disney's Hollywood Studios and you can decide for yourself if this is the right Park for your visit.

Hollywood Studios with Preschoolers Overview

Before Toy Story Land, many would say that Disney's Hollywood Studios was not their favorite Disney Park.

Woody Welcoming You to Toy Story Land

My kids would disagree.

While it's not the iconic Disney's Magic Kingdom with Cinderella Castle, Hollywood Studios is where their favorite characters come to life.

Disney's Hollywood Studios is the home of Disney Junior Dance Party.

It's where they can go to meet Doc McStuffins, Pluto, Vampirina, and now Fancy Nancy!

The magic comes alive as they watch Lightning McQueen talk to them in Lightning McQueen's Racing Academy and meet Cruz Ramirez.

Fantastic Tips For Disney Junior Dance Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios With Your Preschooler 2

They can watch the story of Belle and Beast unfold during Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage.

More at Disney's Hollywood Studios

If becoming a Jedi is on their Bucket List, then that dream can come true.

Jedi Training Academy Walt Disney World Preschoolers

Disney Junior now has Muppet Babies, which has given new life to Muppet Vision 3D. It's one my kids ask to go to every visit now.

If Anna and Elsa are still household names, and even if they aren't, For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration is a great way to sit back, relax, cool-off, and laugh so hard it hurts, as you sing-along to Disney Classics from Frozen.

As you can see, there is so much to do for the whole family, including preschoolers, and I didn't even touch on Toy Story Land and Galaxy's Edge (opening later this year).

Let's talk more about the Disney Junior offerings.

Disney Junior Dance Party

If it's been a while since you've visited, then you might remember Disney Junior – Live on Stage!

If it's been a super long time, then you'll remember the area as Playhouse Disney with Bear in the Big Blue House. That was back in the MGM days. A lot has changed since then. (FYI, the water tower is gone.)

Fantastic Tips For Disney Junior Dance Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios With Your Preschooler 26

We were having Disney Junior Dance Parties in our living room with the DJ Shuffle before this new show. Honestly, I was super confused as to why it was on Disney Junior but nowhere in the Parks.


Only, in Disney's California Adventure Park, not Walt Disney World. It all started to make sense when we visited Disneyland last summer and experienced Disney Junior Dance Party in person.

We were all so excited when we found out it was coming to Hollywood Studios!

Have you seen it?

Fantastic Tips For Disney Junior Dance Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios With Your Preschooler 27

Now you can show off your moves, catch bubbles, and laugh yourself silly at a fun-filled party featuring favorite Disney Junior Characters and music at Disney Junior Dance Party.

DJ Deejay gets the celebration started by playing songs you will know from the Disney Junior shows your family loves. Host Finn Fiesta helps everyone say hello by “spinning” the Disney Junior characters in ready, set, twirl!

Now, join Doc McStuffins and cure your dance fever during a fun-filled, feel-good musical number. Fill the room with “Zuka Zama Zum Zum” alongside Timon from The Lion Guard. And get down and boogie with everyone’s favorite vampire, Vampirina.

While you shake it up, special guest Mickey Mouse from Mickey and the Roadster Racers is driving in from Hot Dog Hills to join the excitement. The suspense builds as you await his arrival.

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Can he make it in time to be part of the festivities?

Come find out… at a party packed with interactive fun and surprises for kids of all ages!

While you can grab a FastPass, it's not needed at Disney Junior Dance Party as seating is open (and on the floor).

Disney Junior Courtyard

When you exit Disney Junior Dance Party, stop by and say hi to your favorite Disney Junior Characters in the Disney Junior Courtyard!

Grab pictures with Doc McStuffins, Dance Party Pluto, Vampirina, and Fancy Nancy, and get their autograph!

Tips for Hollywood Studios with Preschoolers

Fantastic Tips For Disney Junior Dance Party at Disney's Hollywood Studios With Your Preschooler 30
  1. Pack snacks. You can take food into Disney Parks, but no large coolers with loose ice (affiliate link). Throw some jerky, granola bars, and apples into your backpack to hold over the littles between meals.
  2. Know when it's time to leave. We love Walt Disney World, but we also love our kids. We know when they are overly tired and everything is going to lead to a massive tantrum. Hit the Parks in the early morning, head back to the room for lunch, and come back later in the afternoon to finish out the day. You'll come back refreshed and the magic won't be diminished.
  3. Hydrate. Disney's Hollywood Studios is considered to be a “hot” Park to our family. There is a lot of pavement with very little shade. Know this going in. While you can get cups of water for free, bring your water bottles too. Please stay hydrated.
  4. Be kind. Extend grace. Yes, you paid a lot of money for this vacation. Yes, you planned every moment to perfection. Sometimes, we have to let go of expectations and extended grace while remaining calm and being kind, even if we are hot and hangry.
  5. Utilize the stroller. We're talking preschoolers here, not 10-year-olds. Consider renting a stroller either at Hollywood Studios or from a 3rd Party Retailer. Strollers are a great place for littles to decompress a bit. Our favorites are the Bob and City Mini strollers because the canopies are large and the littles feel enclosed.
  6. Pick one. Before you go, check out the map and have everyone pick one must do ride or show. Even if you don't get to do everything in Hollywood Studios that day, everyone will leave having done their one thing.
  7. Use Rider Switch. Rider Switch is great to utilize when your preschoolers and toddlers aren't tall enough to ride attractions like Slinky Dog Dash but the parents want to experience the ride. It's exactly how it sounds. One parent will stay with the kids while the other rides and vice versa.
  8. Have fun! Smile. Laugh. Enjoy time making memories with your family! 
Disney Snacks Mickey Ice Cream

I am so excited for you!

Let me know if you have any questions about taking your preschooler to Disney's Hollywood Studios!

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