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5 Important Items for Your Hospital Bag

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5 Important Items

There are so many lists out there that tell you want to bring with you to the hospital. I even made my own list. While everything on the lists seems super important, you could easily pack two large suitcases and still not pack everything “they” say you need. Every time we’ve packed way more than what we needed. With each delivery I’ve streamlined a bit. Now after having our fourth baby, I think I’ve figured out the basics.

Even if you take nothing else, grab these 5 important items for your hospital bag, and you’ll be okay.

1. Mod Mum Hospital Gown. While some would say this is not a must have, it really is. Gowns from the hospital are scratchy, ugly, and you really have no idea how many people have given birth in them before you. Birth is a beautiful thing, so you might as well wear something that makes you feel pretty.

Mod Mum Hospital Gown Collage

Other than the gorgeous fabric and stylish sash, it’s just like a hospital gown. The back has snaps so doctors and nurses can get to what they need to. There are snaps in the front that allow easy access for nursing and that very important skin to skin time. Even if you end up taking everything off because while you’re in labor you can stand for anything to touch your skin, you still have a beautiful gown to wear after baby is born for pictures.

Mod Mum Hospital Gown

2. Camera. DO NOT FORGET YOUR CAMERA. Make sure that your batteries are charged and it’s ready to go. You don’t want to miss those first few moments with your new little one. I’d even ask your partner to snap a few of you in labor. Not crazy, embarrassing pictures. Just a few intimate pictures without the flash for you to remember this special time. Unless you have a birth photographer coming to take pictures, have someone take a few for you.

3. Nursing Tank or Bra. Usually, your milk doesn’t come in until 3 days after delivery, but you’ll still be nursing about every 3 hours. Easy access is important. I opt for nursing tanks because they still cover my stomach. But some people like the support of nursing bars. I’ve been wearing nursing tanks for the last 5 years. I think they are the most comfortable. Add some comfy pants and you’ll be set.

4. Going Home Outfits. You will want to make sure you pack a going home outfit for yourself and your baby. Baby’s outfit has usually been picked out for a while. Mama’s outfit may or may not make it into the bag. Don’t forget shoes to go with your outfit! Been there. Done that.

Mod Mum Infant Skirt

5. Snacks. Usually, the hospital does provide snacks for the new mom and dad, but they may not be your favorite snack. If you have allergies or are trying to stay away from GMOs, pack your own. Lara Bars are great to pack. Honey sticks provide a sweet snack and energy under labor.

BONUS: Essential Oils. My go-to essential oils for labor were Valor and Frankincense. Had I remembered my diffuser, I would have diffused Peace & Calming, Joy, or Jasmine.

What are your 5 essentials for the hospital bag?

Mod Mum provided me with the hospital gown and infant skirt to review. All opinions are my own.

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Friday 11th of July 2014

For me, anything comfortable is a must! We actually brought a memory foam type mat to have for under my knees at the birth center. It was so nice!! I'm going to use essential oils this time, especially lavender! I love the calming scent of it! Other things are a perfect going-home outfit (always takes me forever to decide on one for baby but I finally found one for $10 on sale at Target! And, a comfy sports bra for during labor for me. Good solid meal to eat before heading home too and snacks just in case. (ok ok more than five but oh well! Lol) also a must is a good playlist. I'm still working on that though. It is really hard to decide on just the right songs!! -Laura www.bitsofsweetness.com

K. Elizabeth @YUMMommy

Friday 4th of July 2014

My hospital bag essentials included my body pillow, hair products and styling tools, bedroom slippers, extra phone charger, and money for the vending machine when the cafeteria closes.