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10 Inspiring Women You Should Follow on Instagram

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Instagram is my happy place.

I love filling my Instagram feed with all things beautiful but also accounts that show me the beauty in the mess of motherhood. Motherhood is messy. There are literal messes as well as proverbial messes. Life is just messy, and yet there are beautiful moments.

I want to share with you 10 moms on Instagram who embody beauty in the mess. They are imperfectly perfect. Some of their feeds are gorgeous, and you’re going to ask me where the mess is. Watch their InstaStories. They are real and messy and beautiful. I love how the feed is gorgeous and the stories are REAL.

Every one of these women are REAL as they share about life. They share from the heart, inviting us in. They are inspiring and relatable.

You should follow them on Instagram.

10 Inspiring Women to Follow on Instagram

These women are both business women and moms. They understand that balancing family life and business is hard but worth it. Every day they are modeling strength for their children as they teach them how to make smart and strong decisions in life.

Emily Henderson

Her Instagram feed is lovely, but my favorite thing ever are her InstaStories. She is the kindest, cutest, and most amazing mom ever. She totally made me want to wear overalls again too.

Joy Cho from Oh Joy!

If you’ve been to Target, you’ve seen the Oh Joy! line. It’s always so bright and fun, just like Joy! Her feed is gorgeous as she shares about life and colaborations, but the real in the InstaStories is why I keep coming back. Solidarity, mama.

Crystal Paine from Money Saving Mom

I’ve been following Crystal for YEARS on different social media platforms. I always looked forward to her real stories as she shared her struggles reading through Google Reader. Again, it’s the InstaStories that I keep coming back for. Crystal is real and intentional. You’ll love her if you don’t follow her already.

Some people can go-go-go & function great! And then there are people like me… I can go-go-go for 3-4 days at a time, but then I need at least 1-2 days to recharge. … If I go full blast for more than 4 days without a break, I get irritable, grumpy, and (often) sick. … So, after a really full week with late nights at the Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville last week, I took the last two days completely off. I went to bed early, slept in, stayed in my comfy pants, didn’t go anywhere, didn’t put on makeup, didn’t do live video, we had super easy meals, and I spent a lot of time just hanging out with my family and reading. … I used to be frustrated that I didn’t have the same capacity that many people do. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to appreciate the way God has wired me. … It keeps me from overloading my schedule. It reminds me to pace myself and make space in my life to rest and recharge. And it encourages me to intentional in what I say yes to. … Space, breathing room, permission to rest & recharge… it’s a beautiful thing!

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Brandi Riley from Mama Knows it All

I haven’t known Brandi for long, but she’s amazing. In one conversation she will encourage you, inspire you to be better, and tell you the truth that you need to hear to grow both personally and in your business, even if it stings a bit. Don’t we all need a friend like that? Sometimes we need someone to tell us to get out of our own way.

Amiyrah from 4 Hats and Frugal

I want to be Amiyrah when I grow up. I first met her at a Blogging Conference, and her session on video was so good. Of course I chickened out and didn’t heed her advice then, but I’m trying to now. Then I met her again at The White House. Amiyrah is real, will tell it like it is, and will challenge the way you see life and will help you change your perspective for the better.

Ilana Wiles from Mommy Shorts

I just recently came across Ilana and Mommy Shorts, but oh my goodness. Her take on motherhood is hilarious. We are in this together in all the craziness of motherhood.

Erin from The Humbled Homemaker

I love this girl and am super proud of what she’s accomplished. Her first book comes out in the Fall and she has been working day and night making sure everything is perfect. She’s an inspiration to so many already and I know that her book is going to bless so many more. Everyone needs to read this book.

So this happened yesterday. I’ve been watching the mailbox like a kid at Christmas for the final copyedit of my book–the “speak now or forever have it in print” version, the version I’m asking hubs to read before I embarrass our family with some story (he’s my filter, y’all). . . . I’ve had people ask how in the world I was able to write a book while having young-ish kids. I will say that I’ve had a lot of help, but it’s also been a looong process. People see books publish, but they don’t see the years-long process it takes. . . . When my awesome literary agent, @billjensen , first emailed me in January 2014 (yep–more than THREE YEARS ago), I told him: “I love to write. I want to write. But I have three little girls. I don’t want to do anything that will sacrifice time with them.” My girls were 5,3, and 1 at the time. Bill told me he was a dad of 4 girls himself, his wife @sheila had homeschooled and always kept their children first, and that book writing should always come after God and family. I spent time in prayer before signing with Bill. I didn’t have many specific answers then, but this one thing I knew. God was saying: “Walk in this.” Bill didn’t pressure me but assured me that my book would publish when GOD wanted it to publish. . . . So here we are–more than 3 years later (and by the time the book comes out it will be nearly 4!). Those little girls will be 9, nearly 7, and 5 by the time it publishes on Sept. 5. In the middle of writing, I had a baby boy. I have no regrets about taking things slowly. And I’m still praying that God will put this book into the hands of exactly those readers who need the encouragement right now in their lives. . . . #morethanjustmakingit #motherhood #homemaking #homemaker #humbledhomemaker #amwriting #thewritinglife #writersofinstagram #authorsofinstagram #sahmlife #wahmlife #wahm #savingmoney #savvyspending #lessismore #themomlife

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Jen Hatmaker

I was on the launch team for Jen’s New York Times Bestseller, For the Love. That launch team has been so much more than just another launch team. It’s become a family that was brought together by a book. We’ve shared so much life in that group. Joy, sorrow, hurt, births, deaths. It’s been an honor to be a part of something so amazing. It’s all because of this girl right here.


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Lara Casey the founder of Southern Weddings, the creator of Powersheets and Making Things Happen Conference

If you’re ever in a room with Lara, you can see the joy of Jesus in her. She radiates Him. If you don’t know her story, go read it. While her Instagram feed is beautiful, so is the story that God is writing. She’s truly an inspiration.

Rebecca Smith from Better Life Bags

Years ago, Money Saving Mom (I think) posted a link to Pregnancy Prayer Cards that readers could print. That was my first introduction to Rebecca Smith. A kind, lovely, sister in Christ who would have a dream about employing women in her community who couldn’t work outside their home at a traditional job, and make that dream a reality. It’s been amazing to watch to birth and growth of Better Life Bags and the difference they have made in their community.

Whitney from Beauty in the Mess

Okay, here’s number eleven.

I’m not adding myself because I think I’m amazing. My life is actually more messy than amazing. But there is beauty in the mess. For years I’ve dreamed of holding the pink runDisney Coast to Coast medal in my hands. I’ve had lots of excuses holding me back. LOTS of excuses. Think of an excuse and I probably gave it. But last year I decided that I was done making excuses. I signed up for the runDisney Princess Half-Marathon to see if I could even do it.

I did it! I wasn’t fast, but I finished.

Finishing that half-marathon was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life. Half-marathons aren’t all physical. It’s just as much of a mental battle. There were times during training when I didn’t think I’d finish. I even asked my children what they would think of me if I didn’t finish. They said, “Mommy, we’ll still love you but we will be disappointed.” HA!

In May, I cried as I crossed that finish line to qualify for the pink Coast to Coast medal. If I can run two half-marathons to get the coveted runDisney Pink Coast to Coast Medal, I know that you can too. Was it easy? Um, no. But it was fun. Even as a mom of four, I made it a priority to get out and hit the pavement. I achieved my dream goal, but I also showed my kids that hard work pays off and is worth the sacrifice.

I didn’t spend today with my family. I wasn’t treated to breakfast in bed, flowers, or cards. Instead, I woke up at 3 am alone and prepared to run 13.1 miles to complete a dream goal. A dream goal I thought was unattainable. A dream goal that would require sacrifice from not only me but my family as well. Today, my dream goal became a reality. It was hard fought. At mile five my foot landed funny on a manhole and turned with sounds of pops and cracks. But I pressed on (it’s not swollen, by the way. It’s fine.). Then later, my feet and calves cramped up. Of course the one time I forget to bring a mustard packet. The runner community is an amazing one though. A call was put out for salt, and someone came to my aid with a salt packet, while we continued moving forward. Powerade became my drink with a little water to replace what my body had lost. What started out with ease became a battle, but a battle that would be won. Not only did I run this race to achieve my dream goal, I ran it to support Make-a-Wish Foundation through the WDW Radio Running Team. I also ran the Princess Half in February and the Tinkerbell Half today to show my kids that dreams are possible. They may be hard fought and require sacrifice, but those unattainable dreams are attainable. Dream Big. Dreams are possible.

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Who do you find inspirational on Instagram? Leave their handle in the comments below! We’d love to check them out too.

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